S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2021


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19,693 3,019
3882 for me.

If we have a Monday morning selling then I'm likely to switch directions again. Don't have much opinion either way. Feel everything is over cooked but with spring around the corner some bounce 'surely' must occur. :rolleyes:o_O:rolleyes:

Oscar Reed

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2,361 704
3865 please


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I'm disgusted that I did even place last week! lol
Thought for sure I had it in the bag :)

I'd like to go with 3880, por favor


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That is a heavenly forecast - rising 100+ points. :)

:D Well, previous deep re-actions have been followed by stellar recoveries in this crazy market so I’ll shoot for the moon. Always assumes the re-action has got deep enough, which is no gimme.


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Here is the table of forecasts from the most bullish to the bearish.

Quick note to say I have changed my forecast again to 3808 this time. I have two reasons; first after a 113 point drop, the rise last week was just 34 points. Secondly, we are at all time market highs and US - beating war drums on top of all the economic pandemic and rising bond rates n stuff.

Barjon is the most bullish and Atilla (me) the bearish. Interestingly, Weighted Average and simple Average are beginning to diverge (just 7 points). There are cluster of forecasts around 3880s so maybe most peeps happy with where the markets are right now.

Wishing you all a good week of trading and sunny days... (y)



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19,693 3,019

Well done to Barjon's Godly forecast who has nailed the closing SPX500 cash call this week. 3943. Amazing. Maybe there is a God out there after all. Well done Barjon the chosen one, golden boy T2W! (y) :)(y)

Lexcorp takes the silver spot and 1nvest comes in third place. Good calls. (y)(y)

Barjon now leads the League Table with 10 points and 2 gold medals. Oscar Reed is close behind with also 10 points but just one gold medal.


The trading range for week 11 was 162 points and volatility as they say is certainly increasing and going one way.

Just two weeks left for the end of first Quarter 21. Doesn't time fly by.
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