S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2022


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Helloooo to all you FAB forecasters. Here are the final week 39 forecasts for end of Quarter-3 competition.

We have me leading the bulls with a mere 44 point move upwards and Velo the bear with another 133 point drop. 2 bulls v 5 bears. We are just a little down at 3680's at the mo. Nothing to shout about. Hoping the bulls will come charging in towards the end of the week in search of value. However, it does feel like the market is resigning itself to a recession and some tiny weeny itsy bitsy level of pain.

Wishing you all a good trading week.


fwiw looks like CV has played a tactical forecast and went with the same bear call as Velo and thus, is assured of winning Quarter-3 competition and pocketing $50 in Amazon prize vouchers.

Ideally, Velo, you should have sent in a sealed forecast so CV didn't see your forecast until he casts his, to put you in with a chance of drawing and possibly winning the quarter on gold medal difference if you had come first. As below, if CV lost a point and you got gold with 4 points, then you could have won. Anyhow, just a comment for future reference for you forecasters.

Quarter-3 Leader Board.


" Ideally, Velo, you should have sent in a sealed forecast so CV didn't see your forecast until he casts his.."

Hee hee. :giggle: Don't think CV is that much bothered about my forecasts :)

And I don't pay CV too much attention because he's remained so far out in front, so I just get on with it.

However, there is a prize for winning each quarter😊 . . . hmmm... 😇


3500's! It did it! YAY!!!

In the last closing single minutes, after never visiting that area at all, it descended into the 3500's
- with just single minutes to spare before the closing bell! :eek::D

If they were refilming Trading Places, that's how they'd do it in Hollywood :LOL:

The only entry for the 3500's is most satisfying even though not the outright winning entry.
Not concerned I didn't get a gold medal but even in second place, it's again only single points away from the gold medal.

3500's - Surely the floor for this retrace is near to hand now?


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BB_Tfs_V2 takes the gold this week followed by Velo capturing silver and Average the metric the bronze medals.


Week 39 Results Table.

Quarter 3 - Final results on next post. :)


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Drum roll for...



Who is the winner of Quarter-3 - SPX500 Cash Call competition!!!


2022 - Quarter 3 - Final Results

The average marks for the quarter was 6.4 so bit of a topsy turvy quarter for markets.

CV wins with 17 points.
Velo in second place with 15 points.
I-Cat's Paw-I takes third place with 11 points.

Well done to you three for consistent good calls. 👏👏👏


CV will get $50 in Amazon vouchers for coming first.
Sadly, there are no prizes for 2nd or 3rd place until the end of the year for overall annual results.



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Hi 1nvest,

If you are still okay carrying the management of the competition, to the last quarter, I'll tidy up the Excel sheet and send to you via email. Please let me know your email address via private mail here and I'll post sometime over this weekend.

It will require some basic Excel formula work with cutting and pasting but nothing too advanced.

You can also do your own thing, as you think best.

All the best,



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Just to let you know folks, I'm stepping away from T2W so really need someone else to step forward if interested in carrying this competition forward.

Haven't heard from 1nvest yet who may be a potential body to do so.

It needs somebody with a little knowledge of Excel to manage formulas and few cut and paste stuff. Nothing advanced.

All the best.


Looks like last week was . . . the last week then,
should no one amongst us find the time to pick up Atilla’s cudgels.

If so, I’ll go out with a final: 3555
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