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This is simply the best trading book on the market. And I've read many. It's not for traders looking for a quick and easy road to riches. But if you're serious about trading and are prepared to put in the time and effort then this book gives you a good practical framework to build on and grow into a great trader. It tells it like it is and not like many lazy traders want to hear. It will need to be read many times over. I've found every single paragraph contains gems and none should be overlooked. Another reason for reading the book is that Van Tharp's training courses are very expensive and quite frankly unnecessary when you've read his books. Sorry Van!
Quantshare has some helpful tools but it would have been nice to see them innovate more. We did a full review at and tested the platform thoroughly.

Quantshare has a large library of indicators and the backtesting tools were helpful. Overall, the most appealing part of this platform is the lifetime license. It's rare that you will find affordable lifetime licenses on advanced platforms with real-time data.
eSignal is a great charting platform with a lot of advanced features. They still have some of the nicest charts around. That said, it's mostly for advanced traders who can justify the cost of a standalone platform. We did a full review at and concluded that most traders would be better off sticking with the free platform provided by their brokers IF the cost is too high.