S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2023

Yeah, something's up.. working on it. In the meantime feel free to add predictions to the thread here and I'll update them manually.
Figured out the issue, I'll have a fix in place tomorrow morning!
Looks like the fix did not want to work
5081.1 for next week (W8 - ends 23rd of February. Monday is a holiday on the main US stock exchanges)
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I'm fixing the contest now, sorry ran out of time before heading off for half term school holidays.
All sorted and predictions/scores updated, I'll monitor it this weekend to check for any issues - thanks for your patience everyone.
I'm pleased to announce the winners for 2023 were as follows:

Q1 Winner: n/a
Q2 Winner: counter_violent (32 points) wins £25
Q3 Winner: counter_violent (20 points) wins £25
Q4 Winner: IlIlIlIlI (26 points) wins £25

Annual Winners:
1st Place: counter_violent (52 points) wins £30
2nd Place: IlIlIlIlI (43 points) wins £20
3rd Place: Atilla (24 points) wins £10