S & P 500 free weekly competition for 2020 with cash prizes


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Much more of this and Sharky will pull the plug I expect.


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Here’s an idea for us lazy competitors. As no one wants to invest much time into calculating the spreadsheet and inventing humorous write-ups, how about we look at something that does all the hard work for us? I just came across this App today: Fantasy Invest, it’s brand new and only available on Apple iOS, are there similar things already out there? We could have games running for 3 month periods, we could wait for it to land on Android also and then take a look at it, assuming everyone has a mobile phone!

Any interest?


Mo Yonis

My target for the S&P 500 is 2900. The market is crazy right now because of all the Coronavirus panic, so it is hard to say exactly what will happen, but I agree with this guy's outlook.

Mo Yonis

The S&P 500 may need more than the Fed's 50bps cut to move higher. Until then, 2853 looks like a possible price target. This outlook may be on point.


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Hello there, I just stuck my nose back in to t2w for the first time in years and saw many of the stalwarts of this thread, hope you are all well. Bit gutted it's fizzling out for the competition but the first posts had me - as we're maybe right there again already!

So whats the outcome...? Are you all in an app or waiting for the new number cruncher? 🤔

Fwiw 2935 would be perfect


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We need an AI bot to collect a pre-formatted input and calculate the winner, assign points and issue an Amazon voucher.
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