S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2018 with PRIZES!


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Mar 27, 2004
Well 2018 is here folks.
So GOOD LUCK in your forecasting this year.
As it is the first post I will set out the simple rules of this important competition of Titans !

Sharky has kindly offered $500 in prizes for 2017 that's split $100 each quarter plus another $100 for the overall year winners. Annual Prize distribution will remain the same.
---------- 1st place - $50
---------- 2nd place - $30
---------- 3rd place - $20 .

No change to the rules:
Rules of WEEKLY competition of S&P 500 cash
Objective of the game is to predict the weekly-Friday closing number for the SPX-500 Cash index.

1. 1 point for getting direction correct from previous Friday close. -1 for wrong direction.
2. Having got direction right then:-
a/ 3 points for nearest
b/ 2 points for second nearest
c/ 1 point for third nearest
3. All entries should be in by weekly opening session of US markets