S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2016 with PRIZES!



Get ready folks 2015 is in its death throes and 2016 is bearing down on us!

It is time for the next instalment of the trade2win "SPX-500 Weekly Market Close Forecast Competition". :clap:

I will be your master of ceremonies for the coming year so expect a little levity and traditional podium images.

Sharky has kindly offered $500 in prizes for 2016 that's split $100 each quarter plus another $100 for the overall year winner.

No change to the rules:
Rules of WEEKLY competition of S&P 500 cash
Objective of the game is to predict the weekly-Friday closing number for the SPX-500 Cash index.

1. 1 point for getting direction correct from previous Friday close
2. Having got direction right then:-
a/ 3 points for nearest
b/ 2 points for second nearest
c/ 1 point for third nearest
3. All entries should be in by weekly opening session of US markets

Good luck, ad chartis, ad astra. :clover:

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OK first in to the new regime of Postie

2059 pls sport.
2016 for me please Postman.

Feel we need to test support as since the start of November seeing LHs. (y)
My guess will be the same as last week, 2075.
I know that's soooo 2015 but I'm usually right at the wrong time :confused:
Good Morning, and a Happy New Year to all!

Congratulations to TwinToWin. Top forcasting!

A big thanks to Atilla for managing the comp so well over the last two years, a damn fine job.

A big thanks to Postie too for taking up the mantle.

Onward and upwards – 2064 for me please.

Good Luck folks!
I see China has had a big drop on its markets today.

I think I had better change my forecast to.........1940
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