S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2015 with PRIZES!

That's a -762 drop?

You serious? :eek:

Only if the fed bumps up the interest rates.

That should have been 2050
Down week for me 2008.
A drop to 1950 and then the interest rate rise, and an 'its priced into the market' rally on Friday.
League table updated with bull to bear forecasts.

Jeffre is leading the 9 bulls against WackyPete leading the 2 bears. 96 Pips in forecast variance.

Good luck to you all and should be a terrific finish to the week guessing how the market will react to Fed speel. (y)
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Do I pre-empt fate and say thank you very much???

If 2042 holds I'll be like these hamsters jigging on Friday evening...


Made me well laugh out loud it did. Super clip. Oooohhh Suits you sir :LOL:

Certainly your week Postman, pudding n cream and you get to do your victory jig. (y)

Top man!
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Well done to Postman who take this week's gold medal on the podium. Considering the Fed decision and the wild swings it was a great call. :clap:(y):clap:

WackyPete takes his first Silver, true bear and good things come to those who are patient. (y)(y)

There is no one to claim the Bronze medal... :(


Two weeks to go for the 4th Qtr final results. Oooohhhh can't wait. Quite a show... League table here.
It's going to bounce this week surely ?

2060 pls

Have a good one !


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Hi Everyone,

Christmas has arrived early this year.

BIG Thank you very much Paul, aka Sharky and Trade2Win founder who has agreed to raising total prize pot of money for 2016 to $500. (y):)(y)

This competition administered and ran by T2W members, now in its 5th year has become a regular thread. Thanks to all the participating members also who make it so. (y)

The competition is open to all T2W members. The name of the game is consistency and prizes can only be won by regular contributors for acquiring points over a 12/13 week quarterly period. This eliminates chancers and fly-by opportunists as well as improving quality of forecasts.

2016 Quarterly prize distribution will be along similar lines to last year but double in size. Prizes are Amazon Vouchers!

---------- QTR-1 - $100
---------- QTR-2 - $100
---------- QTR-3 - $100
---------- QTR-4 - $100

Annual 2016 Consolation Prize distribution will remain the same.

---------- 1st place - $50
---------- 2nd place - $30
---------- 3rd place - $20

Best time to join the competition is at the start of the year as this gives the highest chance of competing and winning the end of year prize too.

So if there are bloggers out there thinking of joining our forecasters league table, then now is the time to sharpen those grey cells and get ready for start 2016.

Wishing you all good prosperous trading and festive greetings in this season of good will and cheer.
:love::love::love::love: (y) :love::love::love::love:
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