S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2017 with PRIZES!


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Well 2017 is here folks.
So GOOD LUCK in your forecasting this year.
As it is the first post I will set out the simple rules of this important competition of Titans !

Sharky has kindly offered $500 in prizes for 2017 that's split $100 each quarter plus another $100 for the overall year winners. Annual Prize distribution will remain the same.
---------- 1st place - $50
---------- 2nd place - $30
---------- 3rd place - $20 .

No change to the rules:
Rules of WEEKLY competition of S&P 500 cash
Objective of the game is to predict the weekly-Friday closing number for the SPX-500 Cash index.

1. 1 point for getting direction correct from previous Friday close. -1 for wrong direction.
2. Having got direction right then:-
a/ 3 points for nearest
b/ 2 points for second nearest
c/ 1 point for third nearest
3. All entries should be in by weekly opening session of US markets
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Well done for last years performance Pat.

Onward and upward, 2262 for me.
Happy new year to everyone! My 2017 starting guess is 2265 pls ringmaster.
Thru 2016 I barely kept up with this thread (or trading) so can't chip in to the running of it, and certainly not to the high standards set by Postman and Attila! Well done chaps! And to the winners!!
Hello All,

I've been watching this thread on and off and would like to join in on the predictions if I may.

2239 is my prediction for this week and I am fully expecting January to throw us a few surprises.

Good luck to you all in the markets and the comp in 2017.
Welcome Forker and Thomaski, good to see you in the competition and no better time to start then at the turn of the year.


Was feeling bearish for this coming Friday but China news has got me feeling positive.

2254 for me...

Good luck to you all... (y)
S&P is about to eat up all those pips it puked last week. I thought only dogs did that. :eek:
S&P is about to eat up all those pips it puked last week. I thought only dogs did that. :eek:

I reckon all three continants hell bent on walking on air.

Donny with tax cuts and infrastructure spending
EU will do what it takes (UK contemplating infrastructure spending)
China hell bent on saving face and doing what ever it takes

You thinking what I'm thinking???


Yep, markets going to make record highs... :cheesy:
Hey guys,

Here are some interesting numbers on our competition.

My two favourites are number of gold medal winners 3 weeks in a row, achieved by ibetyou and postman.


TwinToWin calling correct direction 11 weeks out of 13 and taking 8 gold medals in one year. Pat came close to that with 7 gold medals last year but this forecasting is not that easy we just make it look good :cheesy:


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