S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2017 with PRIZES!

Nfp out the way but we have some fed speeches this week and Yellen on Friday. Based on nfp reaction, I am going to say 2320
Approximately??? Is that like a -/+ kinda thing? :cheesy:

You mean precisely 2267.7 (y)

No, that's actually an approximation of the value derived from my secret black box which was smuggled out of Nazi Germany and resurfaced during the Cold War, and subsequently came into my hands through a chance encounter at a car boot sale. (It's a bit like that Enigma machine that was discovered in a garden shed recently and sold for a tenner). After suitable calibration and back-testing it now produces results to 9 decimal places but I feel it would be insulting the intelligence of fellow competitors to go that far.

Two ommissions from last nights post wrt TwinToWin and NickBk now updated. Thank you for checking guys.


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S&P 500 close 2274.64
Average --------------Gold
sminicooper -------- Silver
Weighted average - Bronze

It won't apply to the averages but I expect sminicooper would like the fastest bike around. Congratulations.


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I am not sure how helpful these classic pivot points are but........
R3 = 2279.85
R2 = 2278.25
R1 = 2276.55
S1 = 2273.25
S2 = 2271.65
S3 = 2269.95