S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2017 with PRIZES!


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Welcome Forker and Thomaski, good to see you in the competition and no better time to start then at the turn of the year.


Was feeling bearish for this coming Friday but China news has got me feeling positive.

2254 for me...

Good luck to you all... (y)


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S&P is about to eat up all those pips it puked last week. I thought only dogs did that. :eek:

I reckon all three continants hell bent on walking on air.

Donny with tax cuts and infrastructure spending
EU will do what it takes (UK contemplating infrastructure spending)
China hell bent on saving face and doing what ever it takes

You thinking what I'm thinking???

Yep, markets going to make record highs... :cheesy:
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Hey guys,

Here are some interesting numbers on our competition.

My two favourites are number of gold medal winners 3 weeks in a row, achieved by ibetyou and postman.


TwinToWin calling correct direction 11 weeks out of 13 and taking 8 gold medals in one year. Pat came close to that with 7 gold medals last year but this forecasting is not that easy we just make it look good :cheesy:


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Here we go chaps... :clap::clap::clap:

Kicking off 2017 we have 12 bulls v 4 bears. That includes the two averages on the bulls side.

Forker is leading the bulls v Oscar the bears with a 71 pip variance in forecast.

SPX has stormed into 2017 and may it long continue onwards and forwards.

Wishing you all good luck and prosperous trading (y)



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I always enjoy other people's views on the current situation. Here is one of interest.

The dollar correction cometh

by Simon Smith, Chief Economist

The issue with the dollar rally has always been its foundations. I highlighted this yesterday and this was also a feature in the Fed minutes released last night. The discussion over the economy reflected that participants “emphasized their considerable uncertainty about the timing, size, and composition of any future fiscal and other economic policy initiatives as well as about how those polices might affect aggregate demand and supply”. But that has to be balanced by the fact that almost all also indicated that the “upside risks to their forecasts for economic growth had increased as a result of prospects for more expansionary fiscal policies”. This point is interesting, as the upward revision to the 2017 growth forecast in the December ‘dot-plot’ was 0.1%, so for now the FOMC is seeing higher growth as more of a risk than a reality.
From this, it’s not difficult to spin the view that the dollar correction seen overnight is overdone as a pure reaction to the minutes, but this reflects the fact that the dollar rally is more vulnerable to correction. It’s also reflected in the fact that the biggest gainer against the dollar in the past twelve hours has been the yen, which has lost the most ground in the rally of the past two months. This could well be the emerging theme of January as we head to the inauguration of the next US President. Tomorrow’s employment report could play into that theme, but we would have to see something fairly wide of the 180k median to really impact the dollar, because it’s not been the economic data that has been driving the latest rally. For today, we have the ADP numbers ahead of tomorrow’s US employment report, but these are unlikely to upset the tone unless substantially off the 175k expectation.
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