S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2017 with PRIZES!


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S&P 500 close 2274.64
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sminicooper -------- Silver
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It won't apply to the averages but I expect sminicooper would like the fastest bike around. Congratulations.
Thanks for that – I knew that Nazi black box I picked up at the car boot was good value. As to the motorbike, googling tells me that the price is 500 – $700,000. Now that sounds like a more realistic price than the yacht I was previously working towards.

Oscar Reed

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How does one join in the fun and games, do I just say a number ? If so 2307 please
Welcome to the comp Signalcalc and yes you basically forecast what you suspect SPX500 Friday close is likely to be.

Forecasts need to be in before US market opens on Monday. That's it in a nut shell.

See Pat's opening blog for rules.

In total there is $500 in Amazon prize vouchers, $100 spread over Quarterly wins with another final $100 for overall 2017 max point winner.

Good luck. (y)

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