S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2021


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Hello all you fab Forecasters...

Here goes Week 29, we have 5 bulls and 4 bears this week with a forecast range of 62 ticks. That means the highs are pretty near and there is good consensus on where the market is. Unbelievable stuff. I guess we should all be partying about end of lockdown restrictions, but fear surrounds the markets with inflation and a re-emergence of Covid infections. Who knows...

Mech.Trader is the most bullish and CV the baddest bear - no change there :)


Wishing you all a good week and prosperous trading...

Enjoy the sunshine :)
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Attention Attila:

Plse would you PM me. I am unable to message you and have something that may be to your advantage :)

Other peeps can PM me so not sure what the issue is. However, I prefer not to.

Whatever it is, if it is not available to the mass public then I am not interested. Don't like exclusivity much.


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CV takes third gold medal of the year this week. What a clever bear??? (y) :giggle: (y)

Yours trully takes the silver and Osar Reed the bronze. 👏👏


Could this be the start of a new down trend? Double jab of inflation and Covid might take the market down (pun intended :cool:). Hope you like that Oscar the boxer that you are ;).

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Here are the forcasts for this week.

As it happens we have just one bull - CV and eight bears. Topsy turvy world.


Tomorrow evening we'll find out the winners and losers and the scores.

Stay cool and dry. :)


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CV is the only bull who takes gold this week. What an outstanding call. Well done Mr CV. (y) :giggle: (y) 👏👏

CV now leads the quarter 3 league table. 10 forecast weeks remaining to end of Sept. Plenty of time to knock CV off his square. ;)


Quarter 3 - League Table
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