S&P 500 free weekly competition for 2019 with PRIZES


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Significant entries marked in green.
Last weeks close marked in yellow.
A weekly close inside the blue bands will give sig a non alcohol induced large headache. 🤣

S+P 27-12-19.png


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Congratulations to @Trader JR taking the final Gold of the decade with quite likely the closest forecast of the year to boot, well done! Closely followed by @counter_violent and @wallstreetwarrior87 taking Silver and Bronze, well done chaps. Well done all for a glorious year of forecasts, winners and losers, remember this is a zero sum game.

Weekly results
SP500 weekly results 27 Dec 19.png

The final quarterly winner of the year and taker of $100 prize money goes to............. @wallstreetwarrior87, who is also the holder of the most Gold medals of 2019 (8 Golds), well played sir, spend your winnings wisely :D

Quarterly results
SP500 quarterly results Dec 19.png

And a drum roll please........the winner of the 2019 competition with a total of 54 points is.......... @Pat494 who has shown great consistency throughout the competition, you win the $50 annual prize. Pat and Oscar (2nd place) kept the excitement levels high for most of the year in a neck and neck race to the finish, but Pat's superior forecasting abilities shone through in the end, nail biting stuff, and CV made a last quarter surge to beat WSW8 into 3rd place.

Annual results
SP500 annual results 2019.png

Other notables for the end of year are:
@Oscar Reeed for taking the most medals overall.
@Atilla for attaining the lowest quarterly score of -8
@cantagril for getting a perfect zero :LOL:

As the teenies come to an end and we embark on another decade of watching the S&P rise and fall, may the trading gods be with you. The fad's come and go, but often repeat, there was a resurgence of the 80's in the teenies, most of us should remember those heady days of spandex and leggings, if not, here is a reminder....



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Dollar sets out toward weekly decline as data and exchange pressures weigh:

The dollar nursed seven days of misfortunes on Friday, hit by anxiety on exchange and mixed signals about the U.S. economy, while the British pound stood tall as bets firmed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson can win a commanding electoral victory.

The places for safe the Japanese yen and Swiss franc were demand as a hedge against Sino-U.S. Collapsing trade talks, and as financial investors worried that U.S. jobs figures due later in the day may neglect to convey a normal bounce back.

Source: Leveraqe.com


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Sadly it looks like the comp is ending.
Thanks to all who have taken part, especially those that have hosted the competition.


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Pat, people are still on xmas hols, they may not even be looking at the thread. Calm down, something will get sorted out.
Well Played on a cracking win this year.

3252.3 ta
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Thanks and hope you are right CV
3263 pls
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