FTSE100 Intraday Trading - September 03

certainly trying to make a floor - or waiting for something ?
may not go up again unless S&P futs can get above its gain line.?

If we do go up, that may complete the wave 4 sequence of a/b/c
does look to be having another crack at that gap

of course, it could always be something a lot stronger ?
Why do you trade FTSE as opposed to US or European (Non UK) Indicies?
Bonsai - thanks and agreed; I 've it closing out at about 48 and dipping back to 200 - what do you think

I like to knock off about 5 pm

58 would be nicer and make it more clear cut
but ......

moving into overbought area now.

all those juicy points since Friday am and I managed just a
meagre 27 of them (with some still running today) - just shows
you can't make fleeting visits to the screen while occupied
I've got Rolph Harris Syndrome - 'Can you see what it is yet?' and jump the gun.I'm normally proved 'right' in the end but loose points by jumping too early. (27 points x 2 contracts = £540).
now you see it, now you don't ?

I feel the market has left us in no man's land this evening.
but it sure had a sting in its tail in the auction.

I traded the gap fill, missed the sell off.
bought the recovery which ran for the rest of the day only to lose
most of those points in the late sell off.

pity but nice to see the volatility. Hope it stays.
sorry jonnyy
been elsewhere

we may have seen the end of wave 4 this morning.
just waiting for a retest of the high to see what happens.

ideas? - it'll go up or down! AVZ thinks there's more to it, I'm still
hanging in for a bit. You won't have had your 2 bars on the
wrong side yet?

I'm still trying to pick every last point and that means panic exits also.I'm seriously considering contacting another local trader with the idea of putting a system together.I'm not kidding when I claim to be a good chart reader but being new to things (and maybe not as intellectual as some) It's putting it into practice.(I just made £50 whilst writing this and panic exited!)
sounds like you really need a system you are comfortable with
so you can follow the market and not the money ?

wish I could help but its a very personal issue.
don't know jonnyy
I never do
but I am long at the moment.
we will just have to wait and see.