FTSE 100 Intraday trading - August 2003

If the Ftse breaks yesterday afternoons low my wave count must be wrong. I've gone long as it's a relatively short stop.
starting to pick up.
but even if it does break yesterdays low, I would still read yesterday as an abc making A with todays pullback being B
so this fall could be C which puts the final stop as 4173.
Getting back to normal after harddrive transplant.The pcworld engineer didn't install the motherboard -- 'there's no need,it's these SEAGATE harddrives,we're always replacing them!' I should have known -- first they were out of stock on 5/7 days' order,then I got a phone call,'we can do it on Thursday' -- They want to ofload the remainder! If it happens again I'll buy a Maxtor which he suggested is the best.Worth it for hassle saving.Meanwhile lots of backing up.Should be ready for Monday.He couldn't offer any help with the Pig squeals though.
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Has he replaced the hard drive with another crap one?

Just thought :idea: did he mean Seagate?
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just got back to see we have broken the low.
but never did get higher low on macd,
still got corrective feel about it though.

a/d is still holding up.

Fluke, may be you were right ?
That's to add emphasis to 'Blair is telling the truth'. 'I wasn't going to quit until my name was cleared' Loyal to the 'end' (well paid?) the greasy ####.
ah well, a full complement of a ships crew always includes a few rats ?

dont really blame him for wanting to come ashore.
its really hot in the galley just now.

it may just be a coincidence, but there was a report in the
afternoon news on T.V that there had been an increase in the number
of rats on the streets of London.
that was a pretty rubbishy sort of day for me.
traded the gap fill and then came out.
as a result, I missed 3 nice swings.

and with a close at 4161 we are back below the fib.
Bonsai - Any chance of making the charts on page 1 the same size as Chartman`s Dow Charts for your new thread in September? It would also be nice to have a 1 minute 100 ema from the same source. It would be much appreciated.


When you trade in the afternoons do you watch the Dow and the S&P to give an indication off direction or do you trade purely off the FTSE chart?

have increased chart to h650 w850. can make further changes if you want.
looks big and I use 1024x768.
are you using that specific chart and refreshing?
why not put into notepad and set up your own specification ?

stockpoint dont offer ema on free charts and yahoo dont offer variable macd.
so you may have to hunt around for what you want.
I trade off the ftse chart and specifically avoid U.S.A or Dax inferences.
I would suggest to you that trying to do otherwise will only introduce uncertainty in your resolve to trade what you see.

After all, if I wanted to trade the Dow, I would trade the Dow.
OK ?
Thanks Bonsai - I just keep the first page in favourites and refresh. It is good for me to compare it with the similar settings on D4F. I wanted the 100 ema to have a look at using a variation of Chartman`s method on the FTSE. The 1 day 100 minute ema on Yahoo is just rubbish but I see the 5 day is more accurate. I`ll check out putting it into notepad.

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Good point Bonsai.

I came unstuck on Friday partly through combining the Dow and Ftse. I was very confident the Dow would go up, so held a Ftse buy longer than I should have, taking at 13.5 point loss. Admittedly I also thought the Ftse would rebound, but if I'd followed my Ftse entry/exit rules I'd have had a good day instead of losing.
Hungry bear
part of the problem is that sometimes FTSE is a leading indicator and sometimes it isnt.
and then sometimes the 'locals' seem to take a flyer at the
direction and sometimes they dont.
and sometimes, they dont get it right either. So the permutations are often mind boggling.

I have attached a file for you to download and store somewhere
on your computer.
Its the page 1 chart with autorefresh code built in.
I have also modified it to give you a 100 sma.
If you move your mouse off the chart and right click then select View Source, you can edit the elements to suit yourself.
PS: Dont forget to save it as an HTML file.


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