Create your own 1 min Charts


and gals !

I'm not very good at this politically correct stuff .

perhaps there should be a heading on every thread
' Every use of a male noun should be read as referring to the female also and vice versa '

make some of the jokes a bit confusing though ?

Sorry to be a pain,I am trying to create the 1 min chart.
I have saved the address code in notepad exactly to the letter and double checked the layout .have closed the file.But when I open it,I dont get the chart, I get the full code,but cannot get the chart to open.
Can you please help me.
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I have double clicked on the file in note pad this brings up the code,have double clicked on the code still cant open it a gif file if so I cannot get it.
copy the code and paste it on here.
but word wrap it first !

and tell me your file name

Sorry I am not able to post attachments on here,Have tried in the past, something about not having a GIF file available.

How can i tell if its a html file.Only file choices in note pad are "tex documents"or"all files".Checked the code again and its correct .
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nothing to do with gifs

open the file
then Save as FTSE.HTML
then Close it
then double click on the file name.

and let me know what happens

Procedure. Clicked on note pad,clicked on ftse html and it opens showing the full code not the chart.its filed in "all files".
move your mouse to the beginning of the code
left click but hold it down and move across the code to the end
at this point all the code should be 'highlighted'
then release the button.
now right click and select copy.
then come here and open a reply
then in this box right click and choose 'paste'

that will put the code here as a message
then submit reply
<img src="">
must be something in that file thats causing a problem

put up another post but this time attach the file.
there is a box at the bottom of this page which allows you to do that

browse until you find your file on your computer and then click on open

I will be able to open it this end and check it for you.

btw, assume you do have windows and Internet explorer yes ?
Hope this has come through OK


  • ftse.html..txt
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piece of cake
or it should be
your file is named ftse.html.txt
it shoud be named ftse.html
so open it again but this time save it with the correct name.
ok ?

do it now if you would
cos I have to go soon and I want to hear that sigh of relief !
sorry, the penny has just dropped
your file is ftse.html isnt it.
my mistake

thinking .........
I am going to send you a gif file
tell me what happens when you try open it.

edit thats no good
Sorry I had to go away too.I have tried to re name file but still goes into tex documents,and will not produce chart
goto notepad andopen a file, any file.
click on view/options/file types
press g on your keyboard and then move down till you find GIF.
what does it say it opens with ?