FTSE 100 Intraday trading - MAY

historical now but rally did start about 11.30
but this chart doesnt tell you about weightings of stocks
<img src="http://web.onetel.net.uk/~gawgaw/WL.gif">
sorry guys
been on another board in another place
but hope you all caught that move ?
Unacceptable face of capitalism
or just a sign of the times ?

"No win no fee" injury claim firm
Accident Group has told 2,400 staff via
text messages that they have lost their
jobs and will not be paid their wages.

Parent company Amulet Group, which also
owns Manchester City's shirt sponsors
First Advice, is now in the hands of
administrators PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Amulet said its subsidiary could not
sustain its "continual battles with the
insurance industry".
another dagger ?
got caught by this one
so thats me done for the day
out at 85 for +15

may be back later
Hello bonsia,
Just a quick question -----Have you deleted parts of you posts as there seems to be some parts missing from here and on the (Create your own 1 min Charts) has any other member noticed this ?????????????
Is this a wind-up? I wouldn't put anything past a Scot! You can't - Unless you're a foreign footballer
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just seen the close
so come back to wipe the blood off the floor !

will check that thread now

Unless its on another thread- and I'm confused! Where you showed how to take a chart from a site,put it into a file on one's own computer and then showed how to get it to auto-refresh?
well that seems to be there ?
page 2 - Create your own charts
unfortunately on this board they do not have numerical seq number unless you put your mouse over the edit button
but it seems to be 29237 ?
ah !
if my isp goes down then the file cant be accessed ?
so you should have got a border with a little red cross in it.

its not stored by T2W.

maybe thats what happened ?

Which board is it on? You may as well 'speak' Swahili as well as talk computers to me! I tried to use B.P's link but got gateway error! I may be misleading you - so don't worry about it! Have a good weekend.
I really got to go now
have a good weekend all
maybe we will get a really good thunderstorm
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Is everything ok now (did the links work ?)
This thread has only been open for 10 days and already we have 277 posts over 14 pages and almost 4500 views.

I expect for anybody new and with an interest in FTSE it may
become a bit daunting to plough through that lot.
So I have started a new thread and I would appreciate you posting there.
Please consider this thread to be dormant.

Many thanks