FTSE 100 Intraday trading - August 2003

btw, yesterdays pm signal is still in place.
did anybody go with it ?
pull back this am allowed me to get in.

Thanks again. I asked 'cos I was short from the open and got
stopped out on the pullback - was wondering if I could have set
stop more intelligently.

Not in yet today (off to play golf in an hour) so just watching.


Been away seeing my mother in Dorset and then took 4 hours to travel back to the Cotswold yesterday (so no trading)-and I thought everyone had gone back to work on Monday!

Question: How did you arrive at the Fib level 4173. I was looking at move from 4044.9 (6/08) to 4286.9 (19/08) = 242 points. Using .38, .5 and .618 I got 4194, 4166 and 4137.
Missed this morning as had power failure in Cotswold at 8.15am. Obviously now seen continuation of late trend yesterday.
I only use fibs againt waves.
so the start at 4045 had been corrected before the big move got underway.
so my low was 4060
I've got Mytrack running side by side with IB and the volume reading is completely different.There have been 3 huge volume spikes on Mytrack,none on IB.
er, what's happened to liffe?

27 August 2003 12:34:45
Market Status for Liffe FTSE 100 (NEW STYLE) INDEX Outright SEP03 ,
- Trading Closed.
- Submit Order Closed.
- Settlements Mode Closed.
- GTC Orders Unavailable.
- Fast Market Closed.
- Price Limits On.
- Trading Disabled.
- Implied Prices Off.
- Exchange Session Closed
with virtually no follow through on the open,
ftse seems to have spent all morning gently falling to fill its gap.
That's now done.
so, eyes down.
Game on !
Hi all, does anyone know where i can get historical High/lows for FTSE 100 companys. Im doing my own PF charts and its a pain having to go to LSE every day.
Sorry to Butt in on the chat , im a bit green around this site.
have just closed my long for the day.
talk about having to have the patience of Job. !

no charts tonight as I am taking my PC to bits.
just hope its working in the morning.
seem to have a few screws left over.
but somethings seem to be working.

a bit of nonsense and dont know if it will work.
download this onto your pc and tell me what you see ?


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it may just want to retest around 200 again.
if it holds we may get a good move up as that
might be a 1/2,1/2 and elliott followers will know what that portends ?

mornin' - late on parade this morning

was that (flyahoo) your version of Suns path? You seem a bit uncertain as to the close tho'.!!!


was talking about flyahoo - course you may be a fan of
random walk theory!

perhaps if I wave my magic mouse across the page it will
influence the future.

not a believer in random walk or chaos.
but 'collapsed wave functions' seem promising.


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