Create your own 1 min Charts

bansir, this should do the trick.
<img border=0 src="$indu&cbcku=FFFFFF&cbckl=EBF5FF&cbckd=cccc99&ctxtu=000000&ctxtd=000000&ctxtl=000000&csym1=000099&csym3=000000&cbckg=FFFFFF&cind7a=FF0033&cind7=009900&cind8=blu&cind9=6666CC&avg1=30&avg2=89&ind7=macd&periodMACDLow=55&periodMACDHigh=89&height=400&width=550&source=SP&multipane=1&watermark=splogoblue.gif&dres=min&plottype=range&ignore=1220025226&dperiod=days&coname=1&image=PNG">
this is one chart that should be in everybody's library.
<img border=0 src="$vix&cbcku=FFFFFF&cbckl=EBF5FF&cbckd=cccc99&ctxtu=000000&ctxtd=000000&ctxtl=000000&csym1=000099&csym3=000000&cbckg=FFFFFF&cind7a=FF0033&cind7=009900&cind8=blu&cind9=6666CC&avg1=60&avg2=180&ind7=macd&periodMACDLow=510&periodMACDHigh=60&height=350&width=450&source=SP&multipane=1&watermark=splogoblue.gif&dres=tenm&dcnt=14&dperiod=days&plottype=range&ignore=12200379&coname=1&image=PNG">
if you dont know about vix try google or goto
<a href="">Chart school</a>
A great thread. What a clever educator. I dont want to be a bore but can you help a non techie. The URL address I have copied to notepad is only one line where as your example shows several.
Where do I find the full address. P.S. Make it idiot proof for me. THanks
not sure which chart you are trying to deal with but
if you put your mouse over address and right click
choose 'select all' then again and choose 'copy'.
you will be able to paste the complete url.
if you still have a problem, sing out.
we all had to learn sometime.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time Bonsai. Multiple charts now refreshing nicely on one page - could you tell us which bit of code we need to amend to increase the time periods for 30/60 minute and daily charts for example?

if your charts are refreshing already then you
will have the code at the top of your page
'content=60' = 60 seconds
change that to whatever cycle you wish.

just dont know if there is an upper limit. never tried to find out.

if you hit a limit, let us know ?
....yep, refresh time interval I get, but which bit of code controls the time period axis on the chart?
if you have all reached this stage, then you can apply these
principles to any chart you find on the web on any page if it is
an updating chart.
doesnt work with java charts.

there are a lot more adventurous things you can do with html and I recommend you read up on it.
for example you can map whole or just part pages and then just click them on and off when you want them or you can auto-refresh them.
one example would be's news page ?
mapping is dealt with in one of the links I posted earlier on.
just depends how adventurous you want to be.
I could explain how to change the detailed code in the url
but frankly it would be better if you went to the site itself for that
and set up the chart you want and then copy its url and then put it in your html file.

by just doing that you will be able to compare the changes
and they will be more meaningful to you that way, I think.
( and save me a lot of time explaining)

<a href="">Link to Ftse</a>
finally, I think, you need to know where to look for free charts
this is my recommended list but there are literally thousands of others. Well maybe hundreds.

if you havent seen it before you might like this one
<img width=700 height=500 src="^ftse&a=v&p=m60,m200&t=5d&l=on&z=m&q=l"></img>
how could you not make money on this ?
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Thought I had but it seems I didnt post links on how to learn html
obviously google is a good place to look
but this one is really is excellent but you may have to register first.
<a href="">Link here</a>
Sid, he's guessed
it's all your fault !

now where's that last page !
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Your giving your age away now,I'm an old bloke and not many youngsters would know about Hancocks half hour and where he resided.
Any way, keep your commentaries coming,I'm making notes.
Hope you dont get fed-up of doing your posts I'm one of your silent readers/students.

Kind regards Jon.
Hi Bonsai,

I am also one of your silent readers/ student, and would like to say thanks for all the valuable information you are handing over.
It never ceases to amaze me just how knowledgeable some people are, the same goes for all the experienced traders on this forum, and the fact that all of you freely share your expertise is highly commendable.
Thanks to all of you.

Kind regards

your'e right
sad isnt it ?
although Paul Merton is a major fan so there is
hope for this generation yet.

no, I'm wrong
they've blown it