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I have pulled together the various steps/instructions on how to
build your charts so they can be read in sequence instead of
appearing in random places.

It seems a lot of people starting out feel they have to subscribe
to a charting software company.
There are many organisations to choose from but there are also
a large number of websites which provide very good information
for free.
I have started this thread in the hope it will help you to create your own free charts using a reasonable range of indicators which are freely available.

In case there are some who are unaware of the workings of the web, every chart has a 'url' or 'address' and creating your own charts involves
posting that url into Notepad adding a bit of code and saving it as an 'html' file.

After that , all you have to do is open the 'html' file and there is your chart.

So to start things off, I am posting a chart of a 1 min ftse with 2 ma's and an macd.
<img src=""></img>
Now right click on the chart and select 'properties' and you will see the chart's address.
Right click on that address, click'select all' then click and select copy.
Open Notepad and 'edit/paste'
Save Notepad file somewhere as ftse.html.
Select 'edit/word wrap'
You will see the code is quite long but dont be put off.
At the beginning of the code you need to insert
&lt img src="
at the end of the code you need to insert
now close the file.

Find the file and click on it to open it and you should have your first chart.
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this is what should be in your notepad file which you have saved
as ftse.html.
<img src="">
next step is to right click on file-name and 'edit'
then hit wordwrap again
you can now see the detailed code.
so you can change the ma's if you want
try changing the 'avg2' to 120.
then save/close the file

then double click on the file to show the chart again

ok ?
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auto refresh

right click on your file and select 'edit'
at the top of the file insert the code you see here and save again
<img src="">

as they are 1 min charts, I have set the refresh to 60 seconds.
next step
on edit, you can change the epic to pick what you want.
if its a uk stock then just change ukx for
anl - abbey national
vod - vodafone
some are slightly different like
bt/a - BT
( the americans do like to be different, have you noticed ?)

if you want the dax then you have to change the exchange code as well
so ls:ukx becomes dx:dax

dont forget to save each change to a new .html file name.

You can now set up a library of your favourite stocks in
'favorites' (yanks again) and without having to go to the base website each time you can watch one or more refresh automatically.

one last point
you may want to size them so they fit on the screen to suit your own requirement.
you can insert width="300" or height="450" after the img
other epic info
for the U.S.A delete ls:xxx and replace with:-

$trin = trin
$vix =vix
$spx =S&P500

and if you are really ambitious, you can put 4 charts in the one file and they will all refresh at the same time. !!!
this is one chart that should be in everybody's library.
<img border=0 src="$vix&cbcku=FFFFFF&cbckl=EBF5FF&cbckd=cccc99&ctxtu=000000&ctxtd=000000&ctxtl=000000&csym1=000099&csym3=000000&cbckg=FFFFFF&cind7a=FF0033&cind7=009900&cind8=blu&cind9=6666CC&avg1=60&avg2=180&ind7=macd&periodMACDLow=510&periodMACDHigh=60&height=350&width=450&source=SP&multipane=1&watermark=splogoblue.gif&dres=tenm&dcnt=14&dperiod=days&plottype=range&ignore=12200379&coname=1&image=PNG">
if you dont know about vix try google or goto
<a href="">Chart school</a>
finally, I think, you need to know where to look for free charts
this is my recommended list but there are literally thousands of others. Well maybe hundreds.

if you havent seen it before you might like this one
<img width=700 height=500 src="^ftse&a=v&p=m60,m200&t=5d&l=on&z=m&q=l"></img>
Thought I had but it seems I didnt post links on how to learn html
obviously google is a good place to look
but this one is really is excellent but you may have to register first.
<a href="">Link here</a>
If you want charts with different intervals, you can change the code to do this but it is a bit messy setting out detailed instructions here.

Instead I suggest you go to the site and set up th chart you want
and then copy its url into your file.

but here is an hourly chart with both MACD and RSI
<img src="">
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Don't wish to appear pendantic, but it does seem to be a heavy handed way of doing things. Wouldn't something like inverline .com (which is free) be a better choice. If you need real time. Could you trust those charts?
these charts dont track real time so bit confused.
Anyway there are only a few sites which offer free realtime
and then mainly for U.S.A stocks etc.

the intention of this thread is to provide a free library of charts
for different stocks or Indices, each chart with its own tailored
indicators and preset time intervals.

All at the click of a filename. Well, 2 clicks actually.

If its no use to you, so be it.
Here is another chart you might like. Daily P&F.
I am posting it here because you may find it hard to locate.
Volume is not available
Often gives signals at the bottom.
<img src="$FTSE,pltc[pa][da][f!3!!]&pnf=y">
Bonsai,I'd like to download this,but can't get through to the site. Is this just a weekend problem or has it been down for a while?
Excellent thread Bonsai- shame guys like yourself weren't around when I was starting out- ok you definitely were- but you know where Iam coming from.

I tip my hat to you good Sir- ever helpful. :cool:
just click on the link

technology will take over and do the rest.
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thanks for that.

when I started, there was nothing like this available.
And I know how I struggled.

but if this sort of 'technology' is not the commonplace of
the masses in pretty short order, the internet will have
failed ?

It has to be 'user' oriented and not 'Microsoft' oriented.

However, as more and more sites are becoming subscription
based, we may have to hunt around a bit more than in the past.
The latest to go over is Investtech.
Page can not be displayed,tried clicking direct link,same answer. Is there anything available to increase the size of a chart.I can do this with some charts but not others.
can't imagine what your problem maybe.
It works for me.
when I click it goes straight into download mode
and asks me to choose a directory to save the file.

Do you have a download Manager ?

Alternatively, copy the link into the address bar of your browser
and try again ?

What browser and version No do you have ?