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It seems a lot of people starting out feel they have to subscribe
to a charting software company.
There are many organisations to choose from but there are also
a large number of websites which provide very good information
for free.
I have started this thread in the hope it will help you to create your own free charts using a reasonable range of indicators which are freely available.

In case there are some who are unaware of the workings of the web, every chart has a 'url' or 'address' and creating your own charts involves
posting that url into Notepad adding a bit of code and saving it as an 'html' file.

After that , all you have to do is open the 'html' file and there is your chart.

So to start things off, I am posting a chart of a 1 min ftse with 2 ma's and an macd.
<img src=""></img>
Now right click on the chart and select 'properties' and you will see the chart's address.
Right click on that address, click'select all' then click and select copy.
Open Notepad and 'edit/paste'
Save Notepad file somewhere as ftse.html.
Select 'edit/word wrap'
You will see the code is quite long but dont be put off.
At the beginning of the code you need to insert
&lt img src="
at the end of the code you need to insert
now close the file.

Find the file and click on it to open it and you should have your first chart.

If this has been helpful, let me know and I will add more information and epic codes in due course.
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Couldn't get it to work.

1. Where you say "Select 'edit/word wrap'" I think you mean 'Format/word wrap'.

2. When I added in the bits of code, which presumably include the spaces in between, the code looked like this

src=" ....................etc etc

i.e. the spaces in the added code cause a new line. Is this right ?

Be nice when it works. Thanks for posting it.
Nice idea. However, if I paste the URL into IE I get a plain daily chart of the FTSE, not intraday, no MACD. I suspect that a general solution may be a little more complex. It might be useful if you told us how you got to the image in the first place, or is it a subscrition service? Whcih might explain why it works for you and not for others.
Alternatively you could just add it to your fav list........
looks like your'e almost there but did you add
both " and &gt on the end ?

dont worry about the new line.
you are not meant to post it into IE but into notepad.

the idea is to give you a file on your own computer
this is what should be in your notepad file which you have saved
as ftse.html.
<img src="">
Yes I did.
The problem was that in your first post, there was a space between < and img.
Works ok now.
well done
next step is to right click on file-name and 'edit'
then hit wordwrap again
you can now see the detailed code.
so you can changr the ma's if you want
try changing the 'avg2' to 120.
then save/close the file

then double click on the file to show the chart again

ok ?
OK, Bonsai,

I can see the problem, the properties window is truncating the url, so I didn't have the full one (I had to show the full page source and search for the url to get hold of it), but it now works. It also works equally well if you paste it into the IE address bar. Or you could save it as a favourite as TBS suggests. You don't need to set up the html file
no chart

hi Bonsai,

i also cannot get a chart to appear, having followed your instructions. Here's my copy of the address can you spot any problems:


very much appreciate your input as this setup will be a god send
and yes i am connected to the internet...!!
cheers nick
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properties - just put your mouse on the address,right click and 'select' and then again and 'copy'

dont think the penny has dropped yet.
no advantage to putting it into favourites or pasting to IE.
that is not what this thread is about

this approach will give you a 'library' of charts for a range of
epics which give you individual charts which you can change at will
and will auto refresh for you.

as oddball would say 'what's with the negative waves ?'
you are missing the first bit

&lt and img ?

suspect we would all appreciate it if you edited the width of your post ?

i'll try and paste again would you check this one as still no luck?


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