FTSE 100 Intraday trading - August 2003


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sledge - lol -

that's better now , beginning to look like overshoot after all.

there was fib at 4172/4086/50%
but will give it a little while .


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Bonsai - Just noticed you`ve changed your MACD on the first page. It looks OK to keep anybody on the right side of the market. I`ve only ever tried it on the D4F prices. After beating myself up after my first trade I am trying another one. Sold at 10.12 @ 30. Doing OK at the moment.


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good exit LC.
but you will still have to be selective in your trades otherwise
it will whipsaw like any other indicator.


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this move up may be profitable, I wouldnt know
but choosing not to chase it.
140+ looks decidedly tricky and this last move might be the last.
need more movement on Dow futures.


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Just got in to see there's been strong rally today. I thought it would come up a bit, but not that strong. Opened a short at 4124....


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Took another 11 points on that drop. Think I'll wait for a retace for the next short. Still expecting a low tommorrow


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yes but history now ?
that dive was not expected.

PS: should have remembered my own quote
"Once broken , twice useless."
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All the markets have now broken their long(ish) term lower tren-lines. I'm still expecting a wave C down, probably into mid-August or later. If there is another drop tommorrow as I expect, we should then see a bounce for 2-3 days.


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despite the fall today, still not feeling particularly bearish.
from the high today it looks like an abc. as long as the opening
low is not broken on a 1 min basis we may yet have seen the start of a new rally.

but I am just a romantic !


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I hope you enjoyed your swim and drink?

Just a quick one.

I like your I minute FTSE 100 chart. However, I can I expand the coverage to more than I day. I know I shouldn't tinker but I like to see a few days history of support/resistance. I have tried to spot the reference in the code line to the amount of price history exposed. You can e-mail privately if you want too.
Thank you in advance for your time.


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Hi mully
if you go to page 1 and click on "Beryl" , she will take you to
the chart page where you can set up your own chart and

Then you can copy properties and paste in your own html.

Is that ok ?


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Ride 'em cowboy ?
Early Goat as it pulled back through important fib level.
Topped out where there was clear chart resistance and more fib country.
Did you see my comment about futures expiry ?. Always worth
keeping your eye on that level particularly as the only times
we had previously broken above it were both sharp spikes
followed by sell-offs. (or should that be sells-off?).


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