US Indices intraday trading - JUNE 2003


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Good morning,

Today is the final day of the quarter and I would be very watchful on any attempts to mark stocks up in the so-called window-dressing. I don’t have today as an up day, but I can’t rule out an attempt to gap the market higher.

There is a big Russell 3000 re-balancing for the close today. If you look at July over the last couple of years you will see that the pattern is usually the same in that it causes a collapse in July, after a sharp 1-2 day rally before the 4th July, when volume dries up before the holiday. I think the same pattern could happen again. We could see a big rally this week, but probably not until we are out of June. It makes no sense whatsoever, so don’t try to rationalise it. Have a look at the last two years. Both of them have seen triple digit rallies in the Dow, which had to be shorted. Patterns repeat, as do the little games Wall Street play.

The SP500 is trading below all 3-day balance points and will not be in bullish mode until it gets back above 980.50. On the other hand if 970 fall, it should mean a quick trip down to 964. The market made a 3-day low on Friday, but there is no geometry to support a low here. At 964 things would look much better for a bounce.

I am just waiting for some data and until I got it I wont be able to suggest the expected path for today. I should have that a little later today.

are you guys all familiar with the Bradley model from a geo-centric and heliocentric point of view?

With that open, I bet Mr NAZ and Mr Chart had a good start to the day
sold 980.50 in the SP,

it is a .618 of the range and we are below all balance points


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the market should be under pressure but could trade sideways till to higher til 17:50, from then on pressure is on till the close, but I am still wary of a market-on-close buy program due to quarter-end,
path as I have it. sorry I was bit slow to complete it today...


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i reckon today or in coming few days if Dow close lower than friday , then that will be the easiest Sell signal someone can get.


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Could we see sell programmes hitting in today as the big boys take profits,instead of the buy programmes you suggest.

i would just be careful around the close. I dont know what kind of games they will play today.

GENTI, one thing that really worries me is that everyone all of a sudden is so bearish....the market rarely accomodates the crowd.....
Hi Sunseeker,

I really enjoy reading your input here.

Re: Bradley Sideograph what software do you use to calculate it. I am afraid I just scavenge around for free data on the web rather than use a specific program. As an indicator it is sometimes fairly spectacular, though it has its off moments too...

Also on the astronomy front I note it is the square root of the 30th fib number of the lunar cycle after Oct 1929 crash coming up for July too. Important?

Also do you ever use astronomy and intra-day time slots?

Whilst I am at it, I like seeing the metaphors traders use about their trading. Ok, argument by analogy can be dangerous but it can be revealing too. I note you used a tidal and wave analogy some time ago. I think something like tidal pull v. surface wind. Well I was wondering staying with the analogy, the direct source of wave swell is caused by dynamic weather systems thousands of miles off and then later wave size is moderated when it hits the shore and is regulated by local conditions like below-surface depth and the coastline shape; as well as tides and wind. Would you use the wave analogy for just your intra-day trading or could it also be used to describe your longer term position trading and therefore have to take account of longer term dynamically generated effects rather than just linear effects?

Apologies to all that this post has wondered off from the thread title of this week.

cheers Richard
hi SS,

Glad to see u on these boards much more often nowadays [ to all, i take credit for initially introducing Tom to t2w - tho' no doubt others have also mentioned it to him ] :)

ok, my question is much simpler than tst's - umm, when r u gonna be on bloomy and/or cnbc next ?

Excellent post Tom,

I like dsmodi, enjoy your input and it adds a great deal to this site, especially now I know where your coming from :D

Cheers a320.
i am building up energy to reply to TST, I am on CNBC tomorrow for a cnbc wrap....anyway, you dont need that, you can just ask me here

hope you are well Modi, and all is cool :)))
i am building up energy to reply to TST, I am on CNBC tomorrow for a cnbc wrap....anyway, you dont need that, you can just ask me here

hope you are well Modi, and all is cool :)))

yuo're a newscaster for CNBC? Ra! the Car Key Boi salutes yuo!

and i wanna add that i also enjoy yuor posts