US Indices Intra-day Trading for August 2003


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just back, finding my bearings...path says down from the open...Already short more at 990.25 in the SP500.....and those from last night....I think we will see a bounce during the day..

my plan is to cover my shorts after the first hour, and maybe go long if I see a good signal geometry wise, then reshort later in the day around the time the FTSE closes...that is the plan for now
Welcome back :cheesy:

Hope everyone caught the move after Unemployment figs :D
I got 989.50 :rolleyes:

Take it easy

sunseeker, was that you in your wing suit the other day crossing the channel?
only parts of it....fell asleep on the plane, so blame Leanne

I will try to get the rest to you later

are you long CJ


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No out at 85,

I Should have been sat long on that hammer on (15min pre mkt )though.... :cry:

I'll blame caroline!!!! :cheesy:

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took all Dax off at 44, now flat in all US and Dax, short 1 in CAC, might leave it....

done for the day
Very Nice

Well done :cool:
Gone for a checky long? hope its not just me :eek:
That was nice n' quick, out now before figs
Thank you chester for turning me green again!!!! :D

Cheers a320

Dusting of the Jiler to look up flags :D

That didn't last long back to multi colour ;)
sorry I am not posting much today. I got something wrong with my eyes, I cant really see much.. it may have been the air con on the plane

SS, Better get it checked out, It could be deep vein thrombosis. Air travellers are prone to it.