S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2022


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Hi Guys,

Here is the leader board after week2. :)




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Hi Guys,

Here are the forecasts for week3.

We have 6 bulls and 4 bears. Two players have missed their forecasts probably cruising round the globe spending their easy peasy pips. :)

Both Weighted and Mean Average metrics are bullish. The trend following BB_Tfs is a bear forecast.

LongVision is most bullish and me, Atilla the grizzliest.


So far it's not looking good for the SPX...

However, too soon to say. Wishing you all a prosperous trading and fab third week. :)


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Running late with the forecast updates very sorry guys.

Here it is... We have 2 bulls and 8 bears. Leading the charge is Captain Currency v the metric Trend Following System the most pawish... I think the BB_Tfs probably needs some formulation post dramatic market moves as we don't get these in two weeks in a row. So I'll be making some adjustments to version 4 soon.

Two forecasters have dropped out and hope they'll be back.


Wishing you all prosperous trading and a super week.



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CV takes his first gold medal of 2022 in week 4. Just how FANTASTIC is that for the man who has an OCD condition with the number 4? Top it off he does it with a forecast of 4444.4. :eek: 👏 👏 (y) :love: (y) :D. Amazing!

I'm very happy for you CV and if I recall the number 4 worked once before for you. You obviously have no Chinese DN A in you none what so ever ;)

Captain Currency is the only other bull this week who takes the silver medal gaining his 2nd podium stand. Well done to you too sir 👏👏.

Prime beef!


The competition is well into it's stride now and here is the league table as it stands after 4 forecasts :)

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