S&P500 - Weekly Forecasting Competition for 2022


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I'm going long this week although have palpitations thinking it's all horribly wrong. 4305 :eek:

I've got my eyes closed. :LOL:


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Hi Everyone, sorry for being late with the forecasts table for this week 33 in the year 2022 of our SPX competition. :)

We have 5 bulls and 4 bears with 3 absentees. Mactheriverrat is the most bullish v Snowsword the most grizliest of the bears. Also, whilst Weighted Average is long, Mean Average is a short. We've had 4 up weeks and looks like SPX has decided to take a breather of all weeks when I too went long changing direction.

To coin Queen's speech it has been a "horribilis quartam" for me. With a negative -4 score I must scrape my self off the floor and start elevating, using extra-terrestrial powers that I am yet to discover. :)


Wishing you all good day and a super weekend.
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Well done to Velo and CV who both get the direction right for the last 4 weeks and get the turn just right. Velo takes the gold and CV the silver. Super call guys. Average takes the bronze bucket. (y):)(y) 👏👏



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Running Total - 2022

Have fab weekend guys... Enjoy all that you do. :)


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forget this week:(
I think couple of hours grace would have been granted to you Snowsword as you are a new comer with only 17 games in 32.

The rules only get tightened and applied rigidly when it is too close to call at end of Quarters or the year. We have had one or two nail biting and sealed envelope bids but on the whole we are relaxed and ok to accept late forecasts.

I would only rule it out if any one objects. So if couple of hours late it's no big deal.

Looking on the bright side you may have avoided a -1 point loss. 😙


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Hi Everyone, here goes Week 34 forecasts.

We have 3 bulls and 5 bears. Only 130 point variance on forecasts. Looks like it'll be a close run this week. Cat's Paw is about as bullish as CV is bearish, around 65 ticks either way.

Wishing you all good luck and prosperous trading.



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Well done to CV who takes his 5th gold and the top spot on the podium this week with his ultra bearish call.

Velo takes the silver missing gold by 4 ticks and 1nvest the bronze just another 5 ticks away. So all three calls close to mark by 9 points. Really great forecasting well done to you all.


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Quarter 3 - Leader Board

Well thank you for not pasting me about my -5. I console my self with the thought that it could be worse. -10 by the end of the quarter. :eek:

I am an atheist so you can imagine my desperation when I tell you, I'll be exercising some self-flagellation followed by the application of soothing oils over the weekend. 🥳
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