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A thread where you can post your favourite quote or whatever the f**k you like. Only rules are that you truly can post whatever the f**k you like including spamming this thread with any material or subject from past present or future. To be clear theres no restrictions on past quotes. For lulz, serious trading gems or whatever the f**k else you like including happy shopper psychology, live or no live tardes an some other s**t that isn't even a quote.

Im gona kick off with this beauty......

Its sunny outside, get a ****ing life and peel yourself away from the screen you spamming chart noggin! :cheesy:


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-Creamy & crunchy, the perfect match
-Rainforest Forest Alliance cocoa
-Without artificial colours and flavours
A crispy baked wafer coated from top to bottom with a chocolatey layer, combined with delicious vanilla-flavour ice cream, topped with hazelnut and meringue pieces and currently on special at sainsbury's (y)



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IBM's long-standing mantra is 'Think.' What has always made IBM a fascinating and compelling place for me, is the passion of the company, and its people, to apply technology and scientific thinking to major societal issues.

I'll vote for that (y)

foroom lluzers

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Finally curiosity killed the blind who are no longer blind , but dead and emotionless.

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