Naz & Mr. Charts US Day Trading Seminar

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My view was an 'open' one and not directed at anyone in particular, so don't get out your pram.
Lol. :LOL: :LOL: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Sorry m8. Couldn't resist that one. (By the way. Is that your picture on the avatar? Really cute baby.)

Anyway, I take your point about the written word. I have said the same thing myself on many occasions. Interpretation is a personal thing that is often taken the wrong way from the intended perspective. (Now I'm starting to sound like Dr Lecter.) :rolleyes:

The courses you have seen that offer guarantees will be worthless because no one can guarantee the actions of other people. The wording will reflect this. Any claim will be met with the accusation that the plan was not followed to the letter and you would have to prove otherwise.

Proof of earnings can easily be faked. I could show you a certified statement in ten minutes that 'shows' I have made 5 mill so far this year. (If only. :rolleyes: )

I really feel sorry for the people that get taken in by the claims of easy gains and wealth from the stock market that the likes of DW and VS and all the others make. But I'll tell you what. If you ask Naz or Mr charts is it easy to take money out of the markets?
They will both tell you that it is one of the the hardest thing you will ever do. Like everything else though it becomes easier with repetition.


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what guarentee do you want!! the gurentee is Naz and Mr Charts will teach you the same methods that they use in thier day to day trading that have made them a living in the past! they can not gaurentee that thier methods will make themselves money in the future!

I wish I had spent my money going to see these two rather than Mr V.S I am sure I would have better value for money.

Past earnings do not gaurentee future earnings and secondley
if past earnings are posted critics will accuse them of being faulse.

I have not been with this site long but long enough to know that these two guys are not con men and would be very surprised if you dont get value for money. they seem to have more to lose than anyone else!


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I see another thread has just appeared about another trainer.It seems that some are just out to knock anything that is course related.They are all different.

When i wanted to get right in to the US stock market i jumped on a plane and headed off to a guy i was told about in the city.No guarantee he'd even see me,i just turned up.I could have wasted £1500 for nothing.

I told another US trader just treat me like a prop trader,shout and scream at me all you like.

Trading is tough.There is no hand holding you're on your own.You make the decisions based on what you've learned and manage your position.

You learn something here and something there,take the best of it all fashion it to your personalty and life style and work at it.If you can only trade the evening ask me and i'll tell you a style that made one young trader double his account in three weeks.Could you do it? I dont know but at least you'll know what he does and you can practice having a go.The soaps always get in the way when i do it. :LOL:

This seminar is about how we both trade the Nasdaq.Our methods interlock so it is sensible to offer a one off seminar to t2w members who would like to understand more about this and have the opportunity to see both styles together.

Then take the best from both of us fashion them to yourself and try them.E mail back up is there for one month after wards.Many people who learn the US market fly to the US and pay $2000 for a course and all their traveling expenses.This is good value in comparison.

After wards i will be in the bar to socialize and to talk to anyone individually.
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It seems that some are just out to knock anything that is course related.They are all different.

Are you saying that we should all go and attend the likes of Darren Winters, Vince Stanzioni, How to trade using Astrology and numerous other courses that have been proven to not give what they promised in their pre-course literature ?

Most people who have questioned course quality have done so because they have been effectively conned. I find nothing wrong in asking others views on a course and I also find nothing wrong in those who have attended giving their experiences. If the course delivers what it says it does then there is little if any criticism of it and very much the opposite as you would know by the recomendations you have had for your own 1-2-1 sessions.

But we are living in a world of sharks pretending to offer an easy way to trading success and every successful trader knows that it doesnt exist. People have every right to be cautious of any course that makes claims that appear too good to be true.

In my experience and many others who I know, we have found that if the product claims are outrageous then they turn out to be exactly that. If a trading method is that good then you can be sure that everyone would know about it and be recommending it on an almost global scale.

It is the con artists that have caused this questionning approach and not a general cynicism for courses in general. If they deliver what is promised then none of this would happen.

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I feel sorry for you both, after reading other threads on this site about seminars and alike, I too would have not had second thoughts about leading the battle on this one, after all we have been taught to be anti seminars by senior members of this site, those who go out and do company and personal searches and give us wonderful threads to look at, its been drummed into us since juniors, that seminars are run by con men!

I would like to ask where these members are when you need back up?? but as you can see I ,m already on a 4 point warning!
so im not asking!


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that is ok.. as I say I dont get offended anymore.........when u r 33 & still look like this u develop a thick skin :D ......does attract the ladies though, even if for the wrong reasons ;)

Yes I take your point about the guarantee, sort of know it before asking, but I ask because there r many new people coming to a site like this, which to me should be a sanctuary for traders, & they will not know these people & will probably be asking what is different about these coaches to many of the others.........but just will not ask.

I probably defend the underdog to much, but I have had to fight for every penny in my bank, I come from a skint background( no sympathy plea:) & when I got into trading I burnt many bridges, so people can say all they like about the possibilities, I know how damn hard it can be.

Naz thankyou for your reply & I take your points
forgive my direct attitude , but I did the same & have taken many chances without knowing what the outcome would be, guess u need this attitude & it kind of makes u stop mincing your words after a while. I knew there would be no guarantee, as there arent in trading, but just wanted it made clear for the people who want to but will not ask.

my question of 'live ' trading still stands, I know the course fee is cheap, but surely this is still a possibility. I watched somebody trade live when I was learning & this was not difficult to set up.

I am not trying to doubt your credibility, but just trying to discern what sets u apart from all the other 'master coaches' out there & as u r a professional I am sure u will welcome this sort of question as this site is meant to be about honesty.

u do have a captive audience on this site so a little openness is only fair especially to the newcomer

ultimatly u r right we all have to take a chance, but I am sure u know what I mean


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I would like to ask where these members are when you need back up?? but as you can see I ,m already on a 4 point warning!

Well, let's see now.... the last time I made a stand on this, I was libeled and accused of conspiracy to corruption. Maybe I'll have another go now......
Yes, I can see why all the criticism and deep questions. The bottom line is this. There is an absolutely clear cut distinction between the likes of what DW, VS and others of offer and claim, and what is on offer from the NAZ/Mr.C course.
There are no claims being made by NAZ Mr. C that you can turn a hundred quid into a million in one week, doing 5 minutes work. Quite the opposite in fact. Naz is stating quite clearly that it's a labour of love, and no guarantees that any attendee will make it. The methods and tactics will be presented to all ( I presume) by both, and for those that don't quite get it, there will be individual help afterwards. Trust me, that can be a real pain in the backside.
Yes, It would be nice, if at the end of this, they get a 100% rating. That's probably shooting too high, as there will always be someone who will say it's not what they were expecting, or not what they wanted. I would say that when I went on the Chris Manning course a few years back, at the time I thought it was mostly good. It never ever actually did me any good because I couldn't put into practice what had been told and as a consequence, I lost my shirt. Do I ***** and complain? No. Did I learn at least something for my £1600 down the pan? In hindsight, yes. Some very important things, but it took me a couple of years to realise the significance of some of the things he said. Expensive couple of tips......
The bottom line is that T2W want to promote this course on the basis that everything we try to do is seen to be for the benefit of our members. Yes, T2W will get it's cut on the deal. Can T2W guarantee this course? Of course not, but after the event, we hope to be able to show that the course IS worthwhile, IS value for money, and, more importantly is NOT a con by way of attendee feedback. Naz and Mr.C will never produce their trading history for all to see. You will have to take it on face value that they are capable of "practicing what they preach". These two are putting their reputation squarely on the line in full public view of all the members here. There will be no hole they can hide under afterwards.
One final thing, don't come back and say you thought it was all about trading indicies or UK stocks! :cheesy:


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I can personally vouch for the quality of a 1-2-1 coaching session with Mr Charts.

I never went along to the session expecting to 'make a million afterward' and I certainly wasn't interested in seeing proof of profits because It is my own results that is important. (you can lead a horse to water ...etc)

My day was on the 16 September and as a result of the coaching from Mr Charts my trading results in US stocks has proved profitable. I did post a few of my trades showing a proof of the profits and losses on another thread.

I had never met Mr Charts before the course so I didn't know what to expect, those that are questioning his integrity should meet the man in person!


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I think it's great that two such esteemed traders are willing to impart their knowledge to the users of this board but I have to question the cost.
Yes I know everyone in the business charges what I regard as ridiculous sums of money for training but do T2W have follow that vein? After all this board claims to promote greater awareness and knowledge of trading but then charge fortunes for the privilege of attending a seminar.
If a maximum of 30 people attend on the day the revenue would amount to £17850. Not bad for a day's work!
Surely £300 or thereabouts would be a more reasonable figure that would allow many less well off people to attend and still make it a nice profitable day for the organisers.


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After all the ranting and raving here about DW and VS et al conmen , it's almost impossible for t2w to be related to a course to con it's members.....


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Harlosh, I don't think it's T2W that has set the course fees, I'm pretty sure it's Naz & Mr. Charts that have decided on the fee to charge. I think if you look at the blurb, the course is limited to just 20 students. Unlike the day's of Manning, where there was 150 + at £1600 a pop. Work that one out......


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I am pleased that the course is advertised this way. It is an improvement to see an advert that is backed by TTW and will contribute financially to TTW. But I have learned all I know for free and by exchanging ideas and reading a few books. I wouldn't spend £595 to learn another traders ideas but I hope that those who do get what they want out of it. If the fee is reduced to £5.95 and my traveling expenses were paid for, I might consider it :)


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* If the fee is reduced to £5.95 and my traveling expenses were paid for, I might consider it *

Oh hehehehehe !

*Yes, T2W will get it's cut on the deal *

fair enough , at least you are honest .

* Naz and Mr.C will never produce their trading history for all to see *

may I ask why not ?


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MMA, you would have to ask them yourself as to why not.
Perhaps I should have typed " they're not prepared to" or "they won't". I am actually just assuming that, on the basis that the imformation has been requested on several occaisions, and there has not been a reply. From that, I read between the lines that there probably never will be.
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