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Hi Folks.

Decent day today.

Got some great news at my home.

I was approved for a 100 food advance!

Thank Goodness i will be free & able to eat dinner tonight.

Things should only get better for me here.

Looking forward to cooking us all up some really tasty meals.

I make a delicious homemade lasagna & really good tomato cream penne pasta dish.

Should be able to make us all up a nice dinner tomorrow night.

Life here is really good & hopefully will only get better.

Thanks to everyone who believes in keeping society safe & in recovery for me.

Plan on rebuilding my life one day at a time.

Really glad to be putting forth an effort to live life free from the hospital.

Sure everything will be fine.

Everyone enjoy a nice night.

Take Good Care.

Hi Folks.

Happy to be free of the hospital now for over a week.

Thankful everyone where i stay is keeping me safe & allowing me to improve.

I believe im capable of a full recovery.

At least Im making some positive progress.

7 months sober is pretty decent as well.

Lets all enjoy a nice day today.

Hope stocks preform well.

Looking forward to cooking up everyone a nice dinner tonight.

My tomato cream penne pasta is delicious.

Nice to have freedom to cook meals again.

Everyone have a nice day.
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Hi All.

Tomato Cream Penne Pasta night was a great success. The dish looks amazing yet tastes even better.
It is so delicious.

You should all try it tonight.

Simple to make.

Very reasonable price.

You can add your favorite veggies, panchetta, shrimp, hot italian sausage or chicken strips.

Reheats great for leftovers.

Good eats your whole family will love.

Hope you all enjoy the dish soon.
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Hey Folks.

We are planning on a family video chat tomorrow afternoon on zoom. My mom was saying ive been hospital free for 9 nights 10 days now. Not exactly a great success, but at least a step in right direction. Making progress here at my new home feels good. Building back my sobriety is going really well. It will be 8 months next weekend.

Anyways, everyone enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon today. Keep hope alive for me. Please believe in recovery & freedom. Life in the hospital can be really difficult. People really should be free.

Take Good Care

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Next Weekend Im planning on making my homemade 3 meat 3 cheese lasagna. I make 2 holiday pans full of yummy goodness at a time. There are leftovers for a Great thing about leftover lasagna is it tastes just as good out of the microwave than fresh out of the oven.

I usually do my meat sauce with hot italian sausage, zesty breakfast sausage & sirloin ground beef. For cheese i use riccotta, mozzerella & parmasean layered on top of the lasagna noodles.

Its gonna be good eats for all of us.


Love being able to season the sauce to taste & spice it up with some roasted red pepper flakes.

Picture really does look good.
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Hi Folks.

Happy Sunday Morning.

Life outside the hospital is cool & going well.

Found a nice little park close to home & may try to walk there this afternoon.

Great to have access to my phone again.

When my folks get back next weekend, we plan on getting together for a visit.

Weather is supposed to be good.

Warm weather for the next week.

Well everyone enjoy our Sunday & break from the bull.

Message you all later.

Take Good Care.

Hi guys & gals.

Good News.

My staff & I are planning on walking up to the local park this afternoon. Should be a great way to spend a day, get some exercise & explore the area. Hope they have a nice place to picnic & bbq?

Please believe in recovery & freedom.

Living free can be awesome.

Everyone enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon.

Good Morning.

More Great News.

I get to see my niece Mabel & nephew Maxwell in a couple minutes.

Hope stocks are going well but today is a family day for me & mine.

I will post up a pic or two after our visit.

Everyone enjoy a nice morning.

Message you later.

I get to be an uncle today!

Its going to be a good day.

Take Care

Great time at our local park this morning.

Awesome way to spend a day.

I miss my family so much when in the hospital.

My nieces & nephew are growing up so fast.

Really neat to be able to enjoy watching them grow up.

Planning on doing my best to stay hospital free now so i can be a part of thier lives.

Posting up a few pics of us all enjoying lunch together.

Thank Goodness I am able to enjoy life again & share life with my family.

Have a nice afternoon.

It was a really nice day & time with my sister, niece & nephew. Any day with them is a good day. I am so proud of my sister. She is such a good mama & great influence on her children.

Happy to be free & sober so i am able to share my life with family. A free & sober Ashton is a good Ashton.

Thank you to staff here that approved of our time & kept things safe at the park. You are much appreciated.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

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Hi guys.

Great day today.

Hope stocks went well.

So happy to be free & able to enjoy life with my sister, niece & nephew today.

Hopefully there will be many more good days to come.

Everyone take good care of yourselves.

Remember to tell the ones you love you love them.

Enjoy a nice evening.

Message you all tomorrow.

Hi folks.

Im in the hospital, but in good spirits. Unfortunately the voices turned really mad & angry in my brain the night after our nice family day at the park. I woke up to more mean voices in the morning commanding me to commit suicide or someone would kill me. When the voices are that extreme, I need help to stabilize them. Reaching out for help at the hospital isnt easy, but its the right thing to do to keep everyone safe.

I love my nieces & nephew so much. They seem to really love & enjoy spending time with me. Im determined to do everything possible to work through my problems. Im committed to sobriety & recovery so i can be there for family for a long time to come.

Going to the hospital for help can be really difficult, but its worth the effort to be there for family. I never give up or quit in life. I offered to do anything, anytime, anywhere for my family. Right now i plan on doing my best to work through this all so i can live a nice long happy healthy positive life with my family. I love & enjoy being an uncle so much. My nieces & nephew deserve a cool uncle to enjoy life with while they grow up. Its up to me to get some help to stabilize the voices in my mind so i can recover & live a nice long family life.

Please know even tho this is a difficult time, im viewing it as a challenge. Its rewarding to spend time with family after i achieve stability in the hospital. After a week or two i should be stable & free again. Once free & stable we will all be able to spend time together & make more happy memories.

Ask everyone to believe in recovery & freedom for me. I promise to do my best to get some help. Please believe in recovery for me thats why hospitals exsist. All i would like is to live a happy healthy positive family life. Im willing to put forth all the effort to improve & help stabilize the voices.

I promise to make the most of whats out of my control today. My goal is to focus on what i can change & improve to make a better tomorrow.

Anyways, everyone take good care.

Remember to love your family & let them know you love them.

Please wish me well in recovery while im in treatment. Promise to do my best for everyone to embrace positive change & improve myself for a happier healthier life.

Love you all

Wishing eveyone here happiness & good health in life.

Take Good Care

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Hi Folks.

Free at last.

Feels great to be out of the hospital.

On our way to a new home outside of Kalamazoo at a recovery center.

Looks like the market has been producing some very nice results recently for most selections. Renewable energy stocks may be down but are most definetly the way of the future.

Wish everyone well.

Have a good afternoon.

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