Embracing the Change

Good Morning Trade 2 Win!

Thursday January 13th

About to check Wednesdays results...

Day 54 = Breaking Even

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.62%

Big Gainers

+3.93% - TSLA
+3.50% - NUE
+3.39% - CREG
+2.82% - LAC
+2.28% - STLA
+1.59% - RUN
+1.27% - NKE
+1.16% - GOOG
+1.05% - JKS
+1.04% - MSFT
+1.04% - CMA

Quite day on the market.

Small green day, better than a red one.

A little surprised cuz the prefigured looked so great.

Looks like Lithium America is on the rise again.

They do seem to produce solid results.

Gratitude List for today

Positive Changes - Positive Transactions - Stable Growth - Performing to the best of your ability - A love for learning

Let's do our best to make today matter.

Keep believing in renewables & electric vehicles.

Help to support our auto industry & vaccine makers.

What we believe we can achieve.

Everyone have a nice day.

Maybe today brings about a great Success.

Stay Safe from Covid & keep a positive mind.

We can accomplish great Success together.

Take Good Care
Good Morning T2W

I'm up really early & thought I'd post up a new link to a video about extreme weather.

We should really make a combined effort to correct our climate change crisis bc things arent going to change themselves.

Have a good Morning.

I plan to post up Thursdays results a little later.
Thank Goodness its Friday!

Thursday brought us a big down.

Day 55 = A Big Loss

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +10.92%

Big Gainers

+4.96% - KR
+2.25% - F
+2.23% - STLA
+1.42% - WMT
+1.21% - GM

Really small list for Thursday.

Kroger & Walmart both had decent gains.

Automakers posted up some positive numbers as well.

Covid is getting out of control again.

We are in isolation here at Courtyard where I stay.

No leaving are rooms & eating our meals alone.

I believe there is a statewide mandate on living centers & they are doing their best to keep us all safe.

Covid sucks. Such a horrible virus which is destroying folks lives. We really need to make an effort to mask up & sanitize our hands.

Even with the vaccines & Boosters you are not immune to catching & spreading the virus.

Please avoid going indoors & eating at restaurants for now let's all focus on being safe.

Wear a mask, wash & sanitize your hands while practicing social distancing.

Eventually we will overcome covid but for the time being please protect yourself & the other folks around you.

It's a combined effort from everyone which will make the biggest difference.

Sorry for the down day talk.

We can still trade safely from home & for that we should be grateful for.

Everyone have a nice Friday & Great weekend.

Stay safe & protect yourself from the virus.

Take Care

My Nephew Maxwell in his new shirt!
Good Monday Morning Folks!

Day 56 = Down Day

Embracing The Change Thread
Total +10.48%

Big Gainers
+4.57% - JKS
+2.69% - CREG
+2.49% - CMA
+1.90% - ATVI
+1.77% - MSFT
+1.75% - TSLA
+1.47% - LAC
+1.38% - NVDA
+1.38% - INTC
+1.29% - AZN
+1.25% - NFLX
+1.03% - REGI
+0.94% - ORA

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I was bored in isolation.

Someone got covid here and we are all confined to our rooms.

Other than that life is good.

I signed up with Tinder over the weekend in Hope's to meet some nice cool people. Should help me make it through isolation & who knows maybe find a really awesome lady to share life with. I'm tired & bored with being single. One day I would like to settle down & start a family of my own as well. Tinder should be a fun new way to meet some cool people. Looking forward to it very much.

Not much else new with me.

Hope we have a good week on the market.

Gratitude List
Tinder - Making new friends - Searching for a soulmate - Having fun - Enjoying Life

Everyone take good care.

Stay safe & Be Well.

Remember to Protect Yourselves from the Covid.

Until tomorrow Good Luck this week.
Hey Folks

Awful day on the market yesterday.

I'm deeply saddened by the huge loss.

Everyone lost yesterday.

Down over 2% on the day.

It takes a lot of hard work, skill & effort to build something up.

It takes very little effort & skill to wreck, ruin or destroy something.

I'm extremely frustrated with our results.

We can bounce back.

It's only one day & the world isn't coming to an end.

I just hope we can build up something beautiful instead of destroy something great.

I believe in renewable energy, electric vehicles & a sustainable planet earth. To prevent future conflicts in the middle east over foreign oil we need to embrace change. We are able to save people's lives, create peace & end the killing today. I do not believe war is a good thing for humanity & mankind. War over oil is extremely wrong.

Some people are brainwashed into believing killing for oil is ok. It's not ok. Burning fossilized fuels emits carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere & those emissions are slowly killing our planet. We could be freeing ourselves from our dependency over foreign oil. Instead we continue to fight a war in the middle east where the foreign oil is.

It's just senseless & maddening to me. Some people believe we have invaded another country to secure & exploit their oil reserves. In turn we burn their oil instead of utilizing clean energy. We could be Embracing new technology like solar & wind power for our energy needs.

Burning oil raises global warming. Global temperatures are rising at an astonishing rate, creating all kinds of problems & extreme weather events. Severe weather & natural Disasters are becoming more & more frequent. Not only that, the magnitude of those disasters are becoming more extreme & deadly. Burning oil is destroying our world & ending people's lives.

Why are we fighting wars in the middle east over foreign oil?

We should all care about people's lives & the planet earth.

There are alternative energy solutions available to us today. We can convert to clean energy, come together & help save our planet from disaster. Help save civilians lives & protect our homes. Help save soldiers lives by ending wars & preventing future wars. Save a person's life if you can & protect our planet from ruin.

I know change can be slow & takes time. It seems like we keep waiting for a change to happen instead of creating one. We need to do something about climate change today so the problem doesn't get any worse.

I came to trade 2 win in an attempt to help save people's lives & protect our planet earth. I've attempted to make a positive difference in the world by raising awareness to simple changes we could all embrace. Simple changes so that we could all live happy healthy long lives on a sustainable planet earth for many generations to come.

The world needs more positive people to become involved in change. We need more folks to embrace change & help make a positive difference.

Believe in a peaceful & sustainable planet earth. Help to save a life if you can. The world could use more love & peace. More love & peace, less hate & killing.

I sincerely apologize if I have upset anyone with any of my posts. My goal wasnt to go to war but to bring about peace, happiness & longevity in the world. I'm still here & am committed to just attempting to make a positive difference.

If you disagree with me or any of my posts that's completely ok. We should all value each others opinions. Maybe I am naive or ignorant in some ways. I'm only attempting to help create a better world. Maybe my views are wrong, but that's ok. People have different perspectives on life. We should all value & respect each others perceptions of the world.

Please help to build it back better. In my opinion, building a sustainable planet where people can live nice long happy healthy peaceful lives is the goal.

Why would you want to fight a war when you dont have to? Please raise awareness to alternative energy solutions & electric vehicles so we can be free from foreign oil, prevent future war & help protect our planet earth from disaster all at the same time.

I do my very best to love all folks unconditionally. People aren't perfect & make mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is what's most important to me.

In America we live in a Democracy with a Constitution & a Bill of Rights. The Constitution of America & Bill of Rights are the foundation to our country, keeping us all safe. Protecting us from tyranny & terrorism. Serving & Protecting the people is what our government in America was developed & designed to do. We should see to it that all people are treated fairly & equally. We should see to it that our Constitution & Bill of Rights are upheld.

Following the Constitution & Bill of Rights is an essential part of living a safe life in a free country & in a Democracy. If a person is accused of a crime they deserve a fair & speedy trial & a chance to prove their innocence before they are found guilty. If guilty of a crime they deserve a fair & equal punishment which isn't cruel or unusual.

To keep society safe we have the Constitution of America & the Bill of Rights. Both of which are designed to protect our country from tyranny & keep everyone safe. Both of which provide equality to our citizens & prevent witch hunts by providing fair & speedy trials so folks have a chance to prove their innocence. So folks aren't found guilty of a crime they didn't commit.

As American citizens we all deserve equality from the Constitution & Bill of Rights. We all deserve to be safe from tyranny & terrorism while living in a free country. If for some reason we arent following the constitution or bill of rights we need to get back to them today. Living in a Democracy means we all embrace the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Every American should be treated & protected equally.

I think this is where I'm going to end for today.

You know my dad gave me a really nice simple piece of advice the other day... life is good.

I agree with him 100%

Life is good.

Here in America we have access to warm homes, food to eat & clean water to drink.

We should all be very grateful to live in such a place. Instead of being mad & angry or depressed & sad we could all be very happy & thankful. Appreciate our good health. Love & appreciate our lives, friends & family. We are all very fortunate to be alive with food, shelter & water.

Life is Good

Love Life
Hey guys!

I'd like to share some great news.

I just applied to be an online crisis counselor.

With Covid being so hard on folks recently there are a lot of stressed out people who are in need of help.

Too much stress could lead to a crisis for some folks so I thought I would try & help them through their difficult times.

My sister Cassandra actually reccomend the volunteer site which listed the crisis counselor opportunity.

If anyone else is interested in volunteering online I'll share the link below.

This could be an awesome opportunity to make a real difference in the world. You can volunteer safely without putting yourself at risk of catching Covid. We can all get involved and improve things here on planet earth.

I'm really excited about it now.

Hope I am approved & can start the training process right away.

There is a united nations volunteering program which I am very interested in as well.

Anyone looking to get active & help others should check out the link above.

Through helping others I believe you can gain some valuable insight & knowledge that you can use to improve your own life.

Well, wish me luck in my application process.

Hope this could be a great start & new beginning for me.

I've been searching for a way to contribute more to the world, maybe I found an amazing place to do it.

Take Care Everyone
Hey guys!

Great News!

Very happy to report, I was accepted into the crisis counselor center & am scheduled to begin training next week.

Training lasts 2 weeks. After the 30 hour course I'll be able to volunteer online from home helping people through crisis.

I may have finally found a way to contribute to society & make a real difference. Should be an awesome opportunity to learn, grow & give back to our community.

Volunteering online should be a great way to help others improve while staying safe from covid.

I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into the program. Should be an exciting new journey for me to love & enjoy.

Everyone have a nice night.

Take Good Care
Hey Guys.

I took a break from trading to work on my mental health. We are still under a covid isolation & it's been very difficult for us here.

I'm doing my best to remain positive & believe in us & in the market. Embracing positive changes isn't always easy & can be a slow process. In my opinion we need to stay strong & focused on what we can control.

I'm still very thankful & grateful for us. We have a nice community here. I feel very fortunate to still be healthy enough to post today. Covid has complicated things in our lives & can make our life extremely difficult.

Let's all stay positive & keep making an effort to embrace change. I'll try to start posting daily again. We can stay safe & keep strong. Believe in ourselves & in a sustainable future.

All we can do is put forth our best effort to turn things around. I believe we are capable of achieving great results once again. Let's all do our best to believe in each other.

United we stand, divided we fall. We need to embrace each other & believe in positive change once again.

I'm going to do my best to improve for everyone so maybe one day I could accomplish more in life. Helping others improve is something I'm extremely passionate about. Right now I'm working on improving myself before I'm ready to help others.

I wish everyone good health, peace & prosperity today. Let's all stay safe, strong, happy & healthy.

Things will only improve & become better for us all.

I would encourage everyone to do their own personal best. Lets all embrace unity & love for one another. Together we can all improve life here on planet earth. If we all do our best maybe we could make a real difference in the world.

Happy to be back posting again.

I believe we can turn things around & get back to achieving great success together.

Everyone stay safe & take good care.

I'll do my best to stay healthy so I can post tomorrow.

Everyone have a nice day.
Hey guys.

Just wanted to let everyone know I am well. I was hospitalized for close to a month but am feeling much better now. I'm definitely thankful to be healthy & happy to be able to just touch base & post an update. I'm in the process of applying to a rehabilitation center to help me recover & rebuild my life. I'm hopeful it will work out for me there. I'm not giving up or quitting on myself or my family. I have a lot to live for & potential to contribute much more to this world.

Just wanted to thank anyone or everyone here who has an interest in me or my Thread. I'm far from perfect but have some really great intentions. I truly mean well & am committed to Improving for myself & my family.

I was able to visit with my sister Cassandra & her beautiful family last Saturday. I'll post up some pictures in case anyone is still interested in me or my thread.

Love you guys

Thanks for reading.

Take Good Care.