A New Day

Good Tuesday Morning

Day 222 = Small Down

A New Day
Total +40.08%

Big Gainers
+2.02% - MRK
+1.47% - AMZN
+1.46% - PLUG
+1.36% - EBAY
+1.21% - AZN
+1.08% - GLPG
+0.90% - BAC

Quite day for us on the market.

I just wanted to take the time to thank Amazon for helping in our climate change cause. I accidentally left them out of the company list. They are devoted to Improving our planet. It would be nice if more companies followed in their footsteps.

They are in a position to help & most definitely are helping to improve life here on earth. They have developed a division of individuals devoted towards reducing carbon emissions. We all appreciate you.

It's really nice to see some big companies take a stance. Have some initiative & commit to Improving our world.

I love Budweiser for converting to all renewables. Plus they make a mighty fine beer.

Gratitude List
Until we all convert to renewable energy there are ways to save energy & reduce wasted power. Once we convert to renewable we should still be careful & try not to waste things anyways.

1. Power Strips for your tv

Turn off the power strip when not in use.

Article I read said over 20% of energy consumption can come from appliances pulling energy in the off position.

2. Less AC

3. Furnace & dryer filters, keep em clean

4. Cold water for the washer

5. Turning off our devices, tv or lights when we aren't using them.

6. Switch to LED lighting. Each bulb saves money & lasts much longer.

I've got 2 phones & a tablet. They usually stay on 24/7. Maybe powering them off before bed every night could save some energy.

Saving Energy is cool, but I really enjoy using my electricity as well. Reducing wasted electricity could be the main point I do believe.

I love the idea of having an abundance of good clean renewable energy so we can all live a nice comfortable life while looking after our planet. We can use our air conditioning whenever we would like to when our power comes from renewable energy.

If we put up solar panels we can be nice & cool all summer long without contributing to carbon emissions.

Now we can harness the solar & wind power all year long!

We can all enjoy our power & nice cool air conditioned homes. Electricity is a great thing. We can just power our devices by a different means so it's safe, efficient & sustainable.

Let's keep it positive.

We can do this.

Everyone stay safe & be well.

Take Care
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Good Morning Folks!

Day 223 = Big Success

A New Day
Total +40.98%

Big Gainers
+8.34% - PLUG
+5.81% - BLDP
+4.47% - REGI
+3.45% - ENPH
+2.17% - WMT
+1.70% - SEDG
+1.47% - ATVI
+1.12% - SPWR

Great Day 4 Renewables!!

Woo! Hoo!

Let's keep that momentum rolling forward.

Soon Coal, Oil & Gas will be a thing of the past.

No more wars over oil!

Thank Goodness.

The killing in the middle east will end.

We can focus our attention to more efficient ways to collect the solar & wind power. No more drilling & pumping out filthy oil. No more burning & pumping carbon into our earth's atmosphere.

Instead of killing a human being maybe we could try to love & understand them. Instead of bombs we could distribute books to help increase awareness of climate change. Really make an effort to take care of the earth.

It's a good day to be alive.

Life is a gift.

I choose to love life.

Love all folks unconditionally.

I choose to embrace life.

Correcting our climate can be a great opportunity to unite with people from around the globe.

One common goal to love & save planet earth.

We must protect our planet & people here on earth.

We are just getting started with our mission.

It is an exciting day to be here.

Our climate change obstacle is a huge one.

I truly believe we can overcome the challenges placed before us.

We need to unite with one another instead of divide.

It wont be an easy transition, but accomplishing great Success in life isn't always easy.

Which is ok.

United we Stand, but divided we fall.

We should set aside our differences so we can produce great Success.

It's ok to be different.

We are united in our differences.

This problem can create an awesome project for countries to unite & come together.

We have already begun the resolution process. Things should only become a little bit easier everyday we spend working on a sustainable solution.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this thread.

Let's try to stay strong & committed toward correcting our climate.

Many future generations of people will be extremely thankful for our determination & all our hard work.

Sorry to ramble a lot.

Everyone stay strong.

Please believe in yourselves.

We can do this.
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Good Morning T2W!

Day 224 = Good Gain for Renewables

A New Day
Total +41.43%

Big Gainers
+6.66% - ENPH
+5.31% - SEDG
+4.44% - RUN
+3.90% - SPWR
+1.67% - PLUG
+0.95% - INTC

Thanks to all the people who love people & planet earth. Let's keep supporting renewable energy so we can live long happy healthy lives for generations to come.

We will turn this ship around & come out even stronger than when we came in. Away with wars over foreign oil. Give love a chance & end the killing.

We can do it because we are already making a difference. Let's keep up the good work.

Make an investment
Support renewable energy
Get your return
Help some less fortunate folks out

What a great contribution to our society!

Let's help to spread the good word.

In my opinion renewable energy is like a baby bitcoin. It's ready. Its ready & set to erupt.

Should make for an extremely exciting investment opportunity.

Everyone take good care.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Be Well

Love Life
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Hey KB.

I agree with passion. Seems like we both share a love for the market. Thanks for posting. Enjoy Trade2Win. It's an awesome community!

Take Care


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Boogety! Boogety! Boogety!

Green graphs are back.

Day 225 = A Great Success!

A New Day
Total +42.65%

Big Gainers
+8.53% - ENPH
+6.87% - SEDG
+6.68% - RUN
+5.05% - MRNA
+4.14% - TSLA
+3.89% - NVDA
+3.30% - SPWR
+2.86% - NFLX
+2.45% - ATVI
+2.33% - ADBE
+2.30% - GLPG
+2.10% - AAPL
+2.05% - GOOG
+1.95% - AZN
+1.86% - MA
+1.82% - BLDP
+1.43% - XEL
+1.41% - LOW
+1.38% - MSFT
+1.35% - TMUS
+1.23% - DIS
+1.12% - DTE
+1.07% - INTC
+1.03% - COST

Lots of quality gains in our group.

Shame about Renewable Energy Group.

I'm sure they will rebound.

Green Graphs are quite a nice sight to see.

Everyone have a great Friday & a nice weekend.

Its supposed to be really hot, so let's try to keep it cool.

Go Go Go Green Energy!
Yo Fellas!

Decided to revamp my portfolio today for Monday.

I will be watching Home Depot & Galapagos.

I will be playing First Solar, Brookfield Renewable, China Recycling Energy & Ormat Technologies.

I'm also adding General Motors, Ford & Stellantis.

Looking forward to our future, I tried to support our renewable energy leaders & automakers.

Renewable Energy Groups & our Automakers will be the ones paving the new roads for us to follow.

I'm planning on posting for a long time to come.

Our journey will be an awesome one.

We should be ready to overcome whatever obstacles are placed in our way.

Everyone enjoy the weekend.

To Recap




Good Monday Morning!

Friday's results are in...

Day 226 = Small Gain

A New Day
Total +43.01%

Big Gainers
+4.66% - BLDP
+2.86% - RUN
+2.61% - EBAY
+2.60% - NVDA
+1.53% - PLUG
+1.27% - BAC
+1.14% - JPM
+1.12% - SEDG
+0.98% - ALL

Friday brought us a decent day.

My new plays for today are as follows


Decided to keep Home Depot & Galapagos so HD & GLPG are in the rotation.

Also decided to add Comerica - CMA

BOL to everyone today.

We had corn dogs for breakfast.

We might be in for a wild week.

We shall see.

Does the name trenchbuys have anything to do with your method? Would you mind describing your method a little? I haven't seen any description in my scan of your thread.
Hey There!

Right now I'm into trading for the long term.

I used to day trade fairly well but ended up spending all day obsessing over graphs & numbers.

Really simple strategy for me now. I just set my plays in & check the results the morning after.

I'm free to enjoy all day without worrying about the results. It is awesome. My days & moods used to be dictated by the market. Now I'm pretty happy all day long.

They say patience is a virtue. My method isn't going to net a maximum gain, but that's ok. I'm into trading for the long haul. Some folks may get burnt out with day trading. I wake up feeling upbeat & positive.

I try hard to keep it fresh.

Everyday a new day.

When I created my name I used to day trade.

I would love to search for great stocks on the decline & buy on the low. I had a knack for selecting stocks based on the low points to buy in really low. It was much more difficult for me to sell at the peak then to target a trenchbuy.

Some nice trench buys for me have been bitcoin (1k) & NVDA (60) a share. I should mention PLUG power as well (4).

Anyways now I'm just into long term trades. Much less profitable, but much less stressful. I'm able to wake up everyday & feel great. It's a fresh new day everyday!

Thanks for your interest in this thread.

Feel free to post anytime.
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Good Morning T2W!

Day 227 = Small Gain

A New Day
Total +43.31%

Big Gainers
+5.05% - REGI
+4.40% - TSLA
+4.14% - NVDA
+2.97% - ORA
+2.63% - GOOG
+2.29% - MSFT
+2.00% - ADBE
+1.68% - MRNA
+1.57% - INTC
+1.33% - AAPL
+1.31% - AMZN
+1.30% - MA
+1.23% - TMUS
+1.18% - ATVI
+1.12% - V
+1.11% - DIS
+1.07% - DTE
+1.06% - NKE
+1.01% - NFLX
+0.97% - SEDG

Decent Day on Monday.

Gratitude List
Enjoyable Activities

Music - Movies - Sports - Walks - Indoor Beachball Volleyball

Everyone have a great day.

Take Good Care
Welcome Back to the New Day thread!

Let's see what Tuesday brought us....

Day 228 = Tiny Down Day

A New Day
Total +43.13%

Big Gainers
+11.66% - CREG
+3.10% - MRNA
+2.24% - PLUG
+1.46% - ADBE
+1.24% - LOW
+1.07% - DIS

Not too many big gainers.

CREG Comes in huge with close to a 12% gain.

Go...Go...Go...Renewable Energy!

What a grand opportunity to better our planet & improve life here on planet earth.

Let's use those returns to help some folks as well.

Gratitude List
Unity - Equality - Life - Love - The People - Planet Earth

Everyone have a splendid day.

What you believe you can achieve.

Good Day Folks!

Day 229 = A Great Success!

A New Day
Total +44.92%

Big Gainers
+8.51% - F
+6.76% - PLUG
+5.82% - CREG
+4.09% - BLDP
+3.84% - SPWR
+3.74% - MRNA
+3.66% - REGI
+3.65% - FSLR
+3.26% - ENPH
+2.93% - RUN
+2.91% - ORA
+2.90% - SEDG
+2.39% - TSLA
+2.33% - GM
+2.11% - TMUS
+1.91% - NKE
+1.70% - CMA
+1.39% - DLTR
+1.35% - BEP
+1.02% - GOOG

Great Day to be Alive!

What a nice decent day.

Ford takes home the top spot for us @ 8.51%

Very nice indeed.

PLUG & CREG round out the top 3.

Let's keep backing our renewable energy groups.

Really a great time to be involved with the stock market.

A very nice way to invest in our future.

Great way to spend a day.

Win + Win + Win

Invest in Renewables
Help Reduce Carbon Emissions
Make a Return & Help Others Out

Plus no more wars in the middle east over foreign oil.

Help save planet earth.

Help to end the killing.

Protect our planet & protect our people.

Extremely Awesome issue to support.

Wish everyone well today.

One World
One Love

Please Help Save Our Planet
Please Help Save Our People

Give Love for renewables a try.
Please end the sensless killing.

We are making a difference already.

Thank You
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You should look at e-catworld.com . If Rossi finally...... delivers you'll get your wish but unfortunately imo a technocracy where we're all serfs and the elite live in the 'nature reserves' we can't visit or use.
Friday Morning Folks!

Day 230 = Small Up

A New Day
Total +45.16%

Big Gainers
+7.05% - F
+4.37% - GLPG
+4.09% - STLA
+2.91% - GM
+2.25% - MRNA
+2.06% - CMA
+1.97% - BLDP
+1.89% - TSLA
+1.56% - JPM
+1.49% - REGI
+1.46% - DIS
+1.42% - INTC
+1.21% - BAC
+1.19% - TMUS
+0.93% - SPWR

Very Nice to see our Automakers have such great success!

Extremly Awesome to see President Biden in a breakthrough EV F-150 looking smart, tuff & bad ass.

Go Ford Go...that lightning is 1 amazing ride.

Gm & Stellantis should be right behind them in producing our next generation electric vehicles.

Couldn't be happier for us, our future does look very promising.

Please keep supporting our energy & vehicle groups.

We can do this.

Everyone have a truly great holiday weekend.

If you choose to celebrate please do so safely.