Embracing the Change

Hey ATT!

Merry Christmas to you!

My positive change journal is just good therapy for me.

I like to share my voice & formulate my own opinions about what is most important in this chaotic world we live in today.

I'm glad you you have an interest in my thread & views.

Feel free to post anytime.

Happy Holidays to you & your family!
that's great man wishing you the best
Merry Christmas Trade 2 Win!

We had a great day at my folks home on Christmas day.

My sister Tiffany & Brother in law Patrick came in from Seattle with the kids to visit.

We had a nice brunch & dinner. Made some gingerbread houses. Facetimed with my little sister Cassandra & Brother in law Thomy who live in Lake Orion. Both newborn Mabel & Mom are safe & healthy.

Gift exchanging was fun.

My little niece Sylvia loves Rudolph.

She has a small little Rudolph she loves.

I was lucky to get her a medium size Rudolph not knowing she liked Rudolph so much.

She was so happy to have him. Jumping up & down & carrying him on her head.

We really had a wonderful holiday this year.

Extremely thankful & grateful to be able to see & spend time with family on Christmas.

Hope Everyone here was able to celebrate Christmas with loved ones & enjoy the holidays together with friends and family.

I'll post up some Christmas Pics in a minute.

Take Good Care
Tiff, Pat, Margot, Sylvia & Edith
Good Tuesday Folks!

Day 50 = A Success

Embracing The Change Thread
Total +11.05%

Big Gainers

+4.40% - NVDA
+3.92% - LAC
+2.72% - F
+2.52% - TSLA
+2.38% - COST
+2.32% - MSFT
+2.30% - AAPL
+2.12% - SHW
+2.06% - NUE
+1.77% - HD
+1.76% - STLA
+1.71% - ALL
+1.68% - ORA
+1.60% - REGI
+1.52% - CMA
+1.44% - LOW
+1.41% - ADBE
+1.23% - INTC
+1.23% - KR
+1.19% - EBAY
+1.15% - NKE
+1.11% - MRK
+1.07% - DLTR

Not a bad way to start the week.

Congrats to Nvidia, Lithium America & Ford.

All great companies who deserve the top 3 spots.

Ford has really impressed me up like 56% in my portfolio. Well done indeed.

I feel good about this week & for the new year 2022 which awaits us.

Stocks are up & continue to rise.

Would be nice to see our renewables raise up.

Change takes time tho.

Well all in all a pretty nice start to the last week of 2021.

Go Green, Go Big, Go for the Big Gains.

Gratitude List for 12/28

Green Companies - Green Graphs - Embracing the Change - Cleaning up Coal - Independence from foreign oil - A Healthier Planet Earth

Let's all have a great week

Climate Change isn't any easy task but with everyone's help maybe we can start to make a big difference.

Until Tomorrow...

Everyone Take Good Care
Wednesday the 29th

Day 51 = Down Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +10.37%

Big Gainers

+7.03% - CREG
+4.58% - JKS
+1.86% - ATVI
+1.57% - DIS
+1.55% - KR
+1.44% - WMT
+1.20% - XEL

Another Difficult day to trade.

Maybe we can comeback with a great success?

Market opens in 1 min

GL to everyone today

Take good care
Hey T2W

I slept in today & missed Wednesday's figures.

Thought I would post up an article about climate change.

Everyone have a good day.

Take Care
New Years Eve Folks!

Day 52 = A Good Day

Embracing The Change Thread
Total +11.29%

Big Gainers

+9.08% - EVGO
+8.84% - CHPT
+8.34% - JKS
+5.68% - BLDP
+5.59% - CREG
+3.91% - SPWR
+3.82% - RUN
+3.22% - ORA
+3.15% - PLUG
+2.45% - CLNE
+2.14% - LAC
+1.57% - GM
+1.55% - SEDG
+1.50% - MRNA
+1.42% - PFE
+1.35% - REGI
+1.33% - BEP
+0.99% - FSLR
+0.96% - KR

Good day for most renewables.

Evgo, Charge Point & Jinko Solar take home the top 3 spots.

We had a good year in 2021 as far as trading goes.

Covid is still such a huge negative situation for so many folks.

I'm just really thankful we all got the 2 vaccines & the booster here.

Hopefully year 2022 brings us some much needed relief from the virus.

New Years Resolutions

Gratitude List
Eating Healthy - Exercising Daily - Socializing More - Loving & Appreciating life - Finding a soul mate to complete me

Well all in all we had a pretty good year.

Let's all try to embrace more positive changes into our routines & improve our lives.

Everyone Celebrate safely tonight.

Whatever you do dont drink & drive.

Have a nice Friday & a very happy new year.

Take Good Care
Hey Trade 2 Win!

I'm back from getting some mental health help.

My apologies for being unable to post & update my thread.

I'm back now & feel great.

Ready to attempt to make a difference & motivate us all to embrace the much needed changes in our climate change crisis.

I was able to read some articles while away & will post them up here in a few minutes.

Thanks again for your interest & support in my thread.
Hey Lucky

We are in control of our own destiny when it comes to climate change.

Imo we should act now to prevent the problem from getting any worse.

We have the ability to change our carbon emissions & reduce global warming.

I believe the United States government is developing a sensible solution through president Bidens build it back better bill.

If we all stand up for positive change we should be able to make a big difference.

Thanks for your interest in this thread & for your post.

Feel free to post anytime.
Wednesday January 12th

Let's check the results from Tuesday.

Day 53 = Nice Success!

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.58%

Big Gainers

+13.94% - LAC
+7.06% - DCRN
+6.95% - CREG
+4.95% - TMUS
+4.79% - CLNE
+4.69% - EVGO
+4.34% - ATVI
+3.89% - REGI
+3.84% - RUN
+3.52% - SPWR
+2.88% - EBAY
+2.72% - CHPT
+2.40% - AMZN
+2.20% - SEDG
+2.10% - F
+2.00% - ORA
+1.97% - JKS
+1.71% - BLDP
+1.68% - AAPL
+1.65% - BEP
+1.52% - NVDA
+1.41% - PLUG
+1.39% - CWEN
+1.27% - INTC
+1.14% - V
+1.04% - GOOG
+1.01% - DLTR
+0.94% - ENPH

Nice day for us.

Lithium America hits a homerun @ 14%

Premarket figures look promising for today as well.

Gratitude List
Freedom - Great Health - Safety from Covid - Stability - Sensibility - Believing in Ourselves

That's it for me today.

Good Luck to all the day traders.

I believe long term trading although wont net the biggest return is secure & solid way to invest these days.

Take Good Care Everyone

Feels nice 2 be back