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Good Saturday Morning Trade 2 Win

Michigan plays Ohio State at noon today in Ann Arbor. Should make for a great game of football.

Things are well here where I stay. It's been a really nice Thanksgiving holiday.

It would be nice to be thankful for a Michigan win this year but Ohio State is one tuff team.

Looking forward to watching the big game today at noon.

If you love football get ready bc we should be in for a real treat this year.

Go Michigan!

Take Care Everyone


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Hey Folks!

Good Sunday Morning!

Congratulations to Michigan for a nice win over Ohio State.

What a great game of football.

Happy for the staff, Coach Harbaugh & all of the U of M players. Great Success this year! We beat Ohio State! What a nice accomplishment for the whole team.

Looks like we will play Iowa in Indy on December 4th. Hawkeyes have played some quality football this year & finished with a 10 - 2 record.

Maybe this is the year Michigan could bring home a national championship.

Hard not to be excited about the road ahead.

They have really looked solid all year.

I believe I watched just about every game.

Power run, Tenacious D, Double Qb, Quality Play Calling & Nice Special Teams.

They are very well rounded and all play great together as a team.

Extremely well coached & fun to watch play.

Looking forward to the 4th!

Play with confidence, play 2 win.

Awesome achievement for the University of Michigan.

Congratulations on a nice win over Ohio State.

Keep playing great football.


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Hey JT

Thanks 4 your post.

It's nice to spend time with friends & family on the holidays. Our dog Chloe is loved and appreciated like everyone in our family. She really is a great dog. I think of trade 2 win as one big family as well. Feel free to post anytime.

Well from me & mine to you and yours Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.


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Hey Folks

Congratulations to the University of Michigan for winning the big ten championship this year. Quite an awesome achievement. We are playing some amazing football as a team & looking great doing so. I'm extremely excited for the playoffs now. Off to the Orange Bowl to face Georgia on New Years Eve. What a way to break in the New Year!

Great for the Big Ten, UofM & great for the state of Michigan.

I do believe Michigan has the potential to take home a national championship this year.

Play With Confidence & Play 2 Win

Jim Harbaugh is a great coach & leader. He has some amazing coaches & staff to support him. I do believe he will have his team ready to beat the Bulldogs.

If you love football you will love this game.

Anyways, everyone have a nice evening.

We can talk stocks tomorrow.

Take Good Care


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Good Morning T2W!

Let's see what Monday brought us.

Day 36 = A Decent Day

Embracing the Change Thread

Big Gainers

+4.05% - LAC
+3.87% - KR
+3.78% - CLNE
+3.54% - STLA
+3.53% - INTC
+3.48% - MA
+3.24% - V
+2.84% - DIS
+2.84% - ORA
+2.57% - BLDP
+2.54% - TMUS
+2.26% - CMA
+2.23% - JNJ
+2.18% - AZN
+2.15% - AAPL
+2.06% - DTE
+1.93% - HD
+1.84% - JKS
+1.76% - PLUG
+1.75% - NFLX
+1.38% - BEP
+1.35% - ALL
+1.27% - ATVI
+1.18% - JPM
+1.11% - AMZN
+1.08% - WMT
+1.00% - LOW
+1.00% - RUN
+0.98% - MSFT
+0.90% - GOOG
+0.89% - ADBE
+0.88% - FSLR

long list of big Gains for Monday.

Lithium America & Kroger take home the top spots. Quite happy for their success.

Hope we have a nice week on the market.

Noticed Moderna was down certainly hope they can rebound today.

Let's all keep a positive approach.

Support renewable energy, electric vehicles & Green Companies.

We are making a difference & helping to correct our climate.

We really are making an effort to save our planet.

1 Earth
1 Love

Let's all invest wisely in Companies looking after our planet earth.

Everyone have a great day.

Take Good Care


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Great Success for us!

Happy Wednesday folks!

Day 37= Remarkable Day 2 Trade

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +15.68%

Big Gainers

+8.60% - RUN
+7.96% - NVDA
+6.96% - PLUG
+6.41% - MRNA
+5.92% - SEDG
+5.31% - BLDP
+5.25% - JKS
+5.01% - CHPT
+4.52% - ENPH
+4.49% - ADBE
+4.24% - TSLA
+3.85% - F
+3.54% - AAPL
+3.42% - NUE
+3.29% - EVGO
+3.10% - INTC
+2.95% - GOOG
+2.88% - LAC
+2.82% - GM
+2.80% - AMZN
+2.73% CLNE
+2.68% - MSFT
+2.31% - V
+2.28% - LOW
+2.15% - CMA
+2.11% - FSLR
+2.10% - NFLX
+1.95% - STLA
+1.85% - MA
+1.76% - EBAY
+1.76% - SPWR
+1.65% - COST
+1.50% - JPM
+1.42% - BEP
+1.41% - NKE
+1.34% - ORA
+1.33% - CWEN
+1.32% - XEL
+1.31% - TMUS
+1.27% - BAC
+1.17% - ATVI

What a solid day for us!

Seems like everything went up.

Nice to see Moderna rebound after a bad Monday.

Nvidia & Run take home the top spots.


Green Graphs for Nvidia & our renewable energy groups. Very nice 2 see them have Success.

Ford keeps producing some solid Gains for its backers. Thumbs up to ford & their new electric vehicles!

All around a great day on the market.

Cheers my friends!

Cheers to green Companies & for great Success!

Let's keep supporting renewable energy, electric vehicles & our vaccine Companies.

Embrace the Change!

New technology & an improved way of life.

Go Green!


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Good Thursday Folks!

About to check the results from Wednesday.

Day 38=Tiny Gain

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +15.81%

Big Gainers

+5.17% - CLNE
+5.12% - LAC
+4.73% - EVGO
+4.13% - JKS
+2.28% - AAPL
+1.96% - RUN
+1.68% - DIS
+1.64% - TSLA
+1.62% - XEL
+1.45% - SEDG
+1.37% - ENPH
+1.29% - MRK
+1.12% - BLDP
+0.91% - STLA

Quite day for the most part.

Congratulations to Clean Energy Fuels, Lithium America, Evgo & Jinko Solar for some nice gains.

Gratitude List for today

A white Christmas - Santa - Cookies n Milk - Bag full of toys - Rudolph & his reindeer

Our events Coordinator has set up lights & decorations everywhere you turn here. It really does look fantastic. We made here a couple cards to thank her.

That's about it for me.

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now.

Let's keep investing in green Companies.

Green Graphs for Green Energy

Take good care everyone.


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I've got exciting news tonight.

I was able to get a day pass approved for Christmas day to visit w my family. I was searching for gifts today & found a nice selection of children books at kidsbooks.com

It will be nice to have some gifts to give out on Christmas day this year.

Anyways hope we had some good results for Thursday. I plan on posting them up tomorrow morning.

Everyone have a nice night.


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From Left to Right...Sylvia, Margot & Edith
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Looking forward to spending Christmas with my loved ones this year. My sister & brother in law are flying in from Seattle. My youngest sister & brother in law live in lake orion & they both will be home for the holidays. Mom n Dad will be hosting our holiday in our childhood home in Rochester Hills.
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TGIF Trade 2 Win!

Day 39 = A Bad 2 Trade

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +13.70%

Big Gainers

+5.51% - EVGO
+2.03% - KR
+1.39% - WMT
+1.32% - PFE
+1.15% - V
+0.95% - JNJ

Kind of a crud day on the market.

Might make for a nice day to rebound!

Lots of down figures.

Well we are still up close to 14% on our thread.

Could be much worse.

Many things to be thankful for.

Gratitude List

A Home - Heat & Warmth - Stability - Good Folks to spend the holidays with - Love for one another

Big picture we are still looking good.

Let's keep hope alive & believe in ourselves.

Everyone have a great Friday & nice weekend.

Take Good Care
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