Embracing the Change


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Good Wednesday Morning!

Day 29 = Nice Gain

Embracing the Change Thread

Big Gainers
+7.61% - JKS
+5.73% - HD
+4.20% - LOW
+4.08% - TSLA
+3.08% - PLUG
+2.81% - ENPH
+2.60% - DLTR
+2.27% - MA
+2.26% - EBAY
+1.93% - CHPT
+1.76% - NKE
+1.74% - SHW
+1.71% - ADBE
+1.36% - V
+1.31% - COST
+1.19% - NFLX
+1.02% - MSFT
+1.02% - CREG

Kind of a weird day on the market.

Some stocks went up big while other stocks fell flat.

Gratitude List

Unconditional love - Happy Thanksgiving - Family - Friends - Food - Football - Enjoying my moms Pumpkin Cheesecake (really yummy)

We can all appreciate life this holiday season.

My wish would be to bring about peace to planet earth. Find reasons to forgive one another & help people learn & grow.

Show someone some love in their time of need. Look after one another. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Have respect for one another. People arent perfect. We all make mistakes. Instead of kicking a person when they are down or if they make a mistake have someones back. Help them get up if they fall down & need some help up. Show people a better way. Educate individuals so they make better decisions. Dont give up on people. Believe in people. Find reasons to come together & unite as a world.

The earth needs our help.

We must come together to help correct our climate.

We need to get over our differences & work as a team to protect our planet.

We are united in our differences.

Please find it in your hearts to forgive people when they make mistakes. Some people dont realize they are making a mistake at the time they do. Help people better themselves. We can educate one another so we all learn & grow as one. Please give people a chance to contribute & right their wrongs. Please dont just quit on people. Teach them. Coach them up. Show them a better way.

I believe in uniting as a world & world wide unity.

We need leaders who care about planet earth to bring nations together & work as one.

This climate change isn't going to be an easy thing to correct. We as united nations will be able to have a chance to correct it.

Hope & believe we can do it.

We have made some progress but it's only the beginning of the journey.

We can solve climate change if we believe in unity.

Take Good Care


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Good Morning T2W

day 30 = a down day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +11.96%

Big Gainers
+3.49% - LAC
+3.39% - MRNA
+3.25% - TSLA
+3.19% - GM
+2.68% - EVGO
+2.56% - PFE
+1.85% - CWEN
+1.65% - AAPL
+1.34% - XEL
+1.30% - ENPH
+1.25% - SEDG

Trading can be frustrating at times.

You cant always have Success everyday.

We have made some nice solid Gains and should be thankful for our progress.

Glad we are up over 10% in 30 days.

Nice results for the thread & a decent accomplishment for us all.

Let's focus on what we can control.

We can continue to back our clean energy leaders & electric vehicle makers.

We are still able to shape our future & support a sustainable life here on planet earth.

If we keep investing in renewables & evs we will create new roads for the people to follow.

It really is a great way to spend a day imo.

Today is a new day & opportunity to help change the world for the better.

I really do appreciate all the Folks who are giving it a go & supporting a sustainable planet.

We should all feel good about ourselves & our progress.

People really do care about our planet.

We have lots of folks committed towards correcting our climate now.

People are beginning to get more & more involved.

People are talking about climate change on the news & raising awareness to alternative energy.

Solar power, wind power & new battery technology is improving everyday.

Cost associated with new technology is coming down.

Everyday we see important changes taking place.

There is a sustainable revolution taking place & we are all doing our planet some good by supporting clean energy & electric vehicles.

Thank you for reading & a big thank you if you do choose to support a sustainable planet earth.

We are the people

1 world
1 love

Wish for peace, happiness & good health this year.

Until Tomorrow Take Good Care Guys
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Its Friday Folks!

About to check the results from Thursday.


Day 31 = Another Down Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +11.21%

Big Gainers

+8.25% - NVDA
+4.14% - AMZN
+3.79% - MRNA
+2.85% - AAPL
+2.79% - HD
+2.04% - DLTR
+1.85% - KR
+1.83% - EBAY
+1.10% - GOOG
+1.06% - PFE

That's it for the gainers.

Kinda small list for Thursday.

Nvidia performed very well along w Amazon.

Definitely happy for them.

Pfizer & Moderna both went up.

Home Depot & the Dollar Tree both have been producing some quality Gains as well.

It's been a tuff week for renewables & charging stations. That's ok tho. Stocks will fluctuate & need to go down b4 back up.

I'm confident in my renewable energy groups. I believe in the charging stations also.

One new stock I've been watching is called Nucor. They trade on NUE.

Environmentally friendly steel giant who should benefit from President Bidens new infrastructure bill.

Looks like the premarket numbers are down for NUE today. I believe they will do well tho. Might add them for Monday.

Well it's almost group time here.

I've got to get going.

Gratitude List

Courtyard Manor - Friends - Family - Our family dog Chloe - My neon tetras & catfish named spot

Everyone have a nice Friday & great weekend.

Take Care


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Sunday Morning All

Hope everyone is well today & enjoying our chilly weekend.

Michigan won so on to Ohio State w 1 loss a piece.

Should make for a fantastic finish.

Let me check the numbers for Friday.


Day 32 = Happy Days & A Great Success!

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +13.44%

Big Gainers

+12.96% - LAC
+10.22% - PLUG
+9.72% - JKS
+5.21% - ENPH
+4.92% - MRNA
+4.78% - FSLR
+4.71% - RUN
+4.14% - NVDA
+3.87% - SPWR
+3.71% - TSLA
+2.95% - CHPT
+2.73% - SEDG
+2.59% - ADBE
+2.46% - CREG
+2.23% - ORA
+2.06% - NKE
+1.70% - AAPL
+1.31% - BLDP
+1.28% - CWEN
+1.20% - XEL
+0.96% - EVGO
+0.88% - DCRN

Really Nice List 4 Friday.

Happy our plays had some success to end the week.

Congratulations to Lithium America & Plug Power for some double digit Gains.

Jinko Solar & Enphase Energy finished right behind them with great numbers.

We are doing it and changing the world.

Converting to new clean sustainable energy for our future generations to come.

Thank Goodness we are all together & committed towards Improving the world.

Things will continue to get better & our future investors will start to attain some massive returns.

This is only the beginning of a revolution.

Happy for our people.
Happy for our planet.

What a win + win.

Gratitude List
The Constitution of America - The Bill of Rights - Living in a Free Country - Embracing Positive Changes - Uniting with the World & coming together as one

Looking forward to Monday!

Everyone take great care.


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Good Monday Morning T2W!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week.

I'll be at my home here at Courtyard but they should put on a nice holiday for all of us.

I feel happy to spend the holidays here.

We are like 1 big family so it should be really nice way to start up the holiday season.

I'll be adding NUE to our selection of stocks.

Hope they continue to benefit from the infrastructure bill.

Gratitude List for 11/22

Thanksgiving Day Turkey - Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Broccoli Cheese Casserole - Cornbread Stuffing - Homemade Cranberry Sauce - Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert - Spending time with family - Enjoying life with friends - A nice Happy Holiday this year

Should be a really nice holiday for all of us.

Excited to get trading started for this week also.

Friday was a great way to end the week.

Hope Monday will bring some nice results our way.

Should be a good week.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Take Good Care


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Good Tuesday Folks!

Monday was a slow start to the week.

Day 33 = Small Down

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.66%

Big Gainers
+7.17% - MRNA
+6.04% - NUE
+5.62% - F
+4.82% - KR
+3.76% - REGI
+3.66% - GM
+2.13% - JPM
+1.94% - BAC
+1.86% - XEL
+1.74% - TSLA
+1.68% - WMT
+1.59% - ORA
+1.58% - DTE
+1.54% - CMA
+1.49% - CHPT
+1.44% - ALL
+1.34% - VZ
+1.16% - MRK
+1.13% - LOW
+1.10% - COST

Big Gainer List came out kinda long.

Moderna secured the top spot for Monday.

Our new play Nucor topped the gainer List at 2.

General Motors, Ford & Kroger all had some great Success as well.

Banks were up.

Lots of reasons to be happy & thankful for today.

Gratitude List

Sustainable Energy - Electric Vehicles - Treating the sick - Vaccines for the Virus - Affordable Health Care - Feeding the Hungry - Clean Drinking Water for the poor - Shelter & Sanctuary for People in Need - Building it Back Better

With Great Effort Brings Great Joy

We should all try to watch out for each other. Building it back better is a good outlook. We are able to unite w one another & build some beautiful things. Build rather than destroy.

It's almost Thanksgiving now.

Lets be thankful for life here on earth.

I created some cool Thanksgiving drawings here at Courtyard. I'll try to post them up later.

Almost 9:30 now.

Good Luck on that bull.

Happy Holidays

Let's all have a good day today.

Take Care Folks


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Hey SK!

I've achieved some success day trading but prefer trading on the long term. The market has been producing some nice positive results recently. I love to feel happy, healthy & stable. Long term trading makes me feel much more secure about my investments.

Thanks for your post.

Have a great holiday this year.


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Good Morning Folks!

1 day before Thanksgiving!

Day 34 = A Small Down

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +11.97%

Big Gainers
+9.17% - DLTR
+2.64% - BAC
+2.40% - MA
+2.39% - JPM
+1.71% - CLNE
+1.49% - V
+1.44% - CMA
+1.42% - MRK
+1.41% - TMUS
+1.23% - CREG
+1.19% - ALL
+1.04% - COST

Bad day for renewables.

It's ok tho.

Let's all focus on our nice progress we were able to make in the thread.

Its Thanksgiving tomorrow & we should all be grateful to spend time with friends & family.

Although trading has become a big part of my life, family & friends come first.

We can all embrace life with new growth.

Learning from others & exchanging ideas of how to improve is a really cool way to live life.

There are no perfect people.

Perfection is more of a direction than location.

We can all embrace this climate change crisis together so we can all achieve great success in Improving it.

Let's all feel happy about our progress & thankful to be united in our differences. We can continue to grow together & let ourselves embrace positive change as one.

Today I feel like united we stand divided we fall.

Let's all find reasons to believe in ourselves & our fellow people on earth. Set aside our differences & work as one to change our climate.

We need to believe in renewables & electric vehicles in order to change.

Well whatever we believe, I wish everyone a truly Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season this year.

We should feel well tonight in our Journey.

We have a long way to go but are making some nice positive progress.

Believe everyone needs love for the holidays this year.

1 people
1 planet
1 love

From Uncle Ashton to Trade 2 Win.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 35 = Small Gain

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.34%

Big Gainers

+3.81% - CREG
+3.34% - MA
+2.92% - NVDA
+2.40% - V
+1.84% - ENPH
+1.53% - BLDP
+1.51% - PLUG
+1.41% - EBAY
+1.34% - INTC
+1.31% - DLTR
+1.25% - SPWR
+1.24% - CHPT
+1.14% - LAC
+1.06% - FSLR
+0.92% - HD

Slow day on the market.

We are able to reflect on our progress for a couple days now.

Glad our thread is a success.

We were slow to start but have made some nice progression throughout the last 35 days.

Good time to invest I do believe.

Nice to have an online community of intelligent folks to share life with.

Renewable energy is such a smart way to invest your money.

Most clean energy stocks are up over 100% in my yearly portfolio.

The beautiful thing about it is clean energy is just getting started growing.

As we gain popularity the cost will come down as the technology goes up.

I really disagree with killing folks.

If we free ourselves from foreign oil we will free ourselves from future conflicts in the middle east over oil.

No more killing for oil!

No more killing the planet earth by burning oil!

Society has mental health hospitals to protect people, prevent suicide & prevent homicide.

We are able to keep people safe by stabilizing mentally ill patients who want to kill folks our end their own life.

That's the whole reason mental health hospitals exist. To save people's lives. They are not intended to be used to gang stalk people. They are in place to keep society safe & save people's lives.

I would like to keep this post & thread positive.

I personally believe in forgiveness but sometimes people dont learn from their mistakes. Try to teach people & coach them up but some people dont want to listen.

I'll just keep a never give up type mentality going & wont quit until we get things back on track.

It can be frustrating at times but that's ok.

Somethings in life are worth fighting for.

Somethings in life are worth dieing for.

Gratitude List

A Free Country - The Constitution of America - The Bill of Rights - Pursuit of Happiness - A Sustainable Planet Earth

Have a very nice Thanksgiving

Things are ok here

We will only learn grow & improve together.

Take Good Care


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Hey guys.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving here at Courtyard.

I was able to video chat with family.

Very nice to have a happy holiday this year.

Hope everyone is happy & healthy for the holidays.

I apologize if I offended anyone with my posts.

I'm really only trying to help.

I'm far from perfect but have some really good intentions.

I'm a forgiving human being who loves & appreciates life.

I'm just trying to improve my life, learn from others & share ideas.

It's nice to have a forum to post in.

My mom & dad are coming to visit me tomorrow & bringing Chloe our family dog for a walk.

Anyways, everyone have a nice Thanksgiving evening.

Happy Holidays from Uncle Ashton


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Hey guys.

I was able to see my folks & go for a walk with Chloe our family dog. My mom made us some Pumpkin Cheesecake which we plan on eating tonight after our euchre game. It was really nice way to spend a day. We had a Happy Thanksgiving walk this year.

We are planning on celebrating Christmas together as a family this year at my childhood home in Rochester. My oldest sister & brother in law will be there with my 3 nieces. My youngest sister & brother in law may pass by with my little nephew Maxwell. Should be a really nice holiday season this year.

Here are a few pics from our visit.


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Chloe is such a nice dog.

We were able to play ball with her in the field next to Courtyard.

Fun way to spend a day.

Thankful to be happy healthy & with my family for the holidays.

Hope everyone is enjoying our Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Michigan plays Ohio State tomorrow & should make for a great game of football.

Hope everyone is happy & healthy for the holidays. Thankful for good health, food, family, friends, football & our forum.

Happy Holidays

Take Good Care
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