Reborn Clean & Green

Good Morning Folks.

Hope we are all able to enjoy a nice Sunday today. I love following the market but do enjoy a break from the bull.

If you have decided to forgive me I must thank you.

If you decide not to forgive me that's ok as well. Maybe I will be able to redeem myself in therapy or rehabilitation?

I do feel awful. I was out of my positive mind & really emotional. My brain was like out of balance. It's hard for me to even view all those posts. My apologies for being misunderstood & coping with alcohol.

On a positive note at least I got up off the ground & stood back up. I didn't quit & I'm not going to give up. I really fell hard tho. Stinks to lose your composure & say things that you wish you could take back.

I suppose we could all learn & grow from my mistakes. Alcohol should never be used to cope as the answer or solution. It creates more problems in your life than it solves.

My intentions in life have always been good but alcohol has impaired my ability to be at my best. I need to commit back towards recovery sobriety and rehabilitation.

I'm not perfect but really do try hard to give good advice & deliver a positive message whenever I speak or post. A lot of my self help advice & views has come from listening & learning from others.

I believe in family education and hard work. Those are my big three. Being the best uncle son & brother I can be. Educating myself while attempting to share positive views. Approaching life like a student. A lifelong journey of learning and growing is awesome.

I apologize to former President Barack Obama & former First Lady Michelle Obama Sincerely. I will always show love care support & be there for them. My name for Barack is Boss Elite & my name for the first lady Michelle is the Favorite One. I did vote for Boss Elite & the Favorite One twice. I'm glad they were elected & in office.

Barack & Michelle would be the role models. I'm just a poor little gringo who believed in them & embracing positive changes into the world. Maybe one day they will help a less fortunate human being accomplish great success like they were able to?

They are two extremely smart well educated well spoken great success stories. I was really hoping they would help me out with my quest to believe in positive changes & improve the world.

Right now I'm just really happy to be an uncle & see my little ones. I do enjoy keeping things in my brain cool & calm.

My daily goal is always to do my best & keep everyone safe sane calm & stable.

Stinks I failed last Tuesday but that's ok. I believe in Unity and bringing folks together to accomplish great things. If I can not do great things I can do small things in a great way. That quote is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I love him & respect him so much.

Even tho I made a mistake the world didn't come to an end. If I was gone the world wouldn't come to an end as well. I would really prefer being alive and healthy enough to be there for my family.

After my day program I plan on volunteering at the public library & humane society once again. There is also a program for folks who are in the outpatient treatment center to work called clubhouse inspiration. There are anxiety & addiction groups which are offered at my outpatient treatment center which I'm going to attend. Looking forward to taking on more responsibilities & being more productive in the community.

In my opinion perfection is more a direction than destination. There are no perfect people in the world. Everyone could embrace something positive into their lives & change for the better.

Maybe folks could stop obsessing over my imperfections & focus on the issues that are important which you have control over & can improve? That would make me a very happy gringo. = )

Anyway it's hard for me to view all those posts from Tuesday. This will be my last post for the thread. Hope to start up a new thread soon. The market is actually back to producing some solid results for all of us. I'll do my best to get back into journaling positive posts.

Everyone have a nice Sunday afternoon. Hope to message you all tomorrow morning.

Take Good Care

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