Reborn Clean & Green

Looks like we had a good day today on the market.

I want to sincerely apologize for all my posts.

My only intention for this Thread was to journal my thoughts in a positive manner.

I broke my sobriety on Tuesday & completely lost my composure.

I'm not a perfect person & am trying to improve every day in my day program.

I feel awful about losing my positive mind.

Alcohol brings out the worst in me. Vodka creates chaos confusion & problems in my life.

Hopefully you will all forgive me for my drunken posts. Please forgive me. I'm not 100% well right now. I never wanted to let anyone down. I never intended to upset anyone or show any disrespect for boss elite. I have a problem with alcohol and am looking into rehabilitation now.

Please accept my apology.

I'm very fortunate grateful & lucky to have Medicare and Medicaid.

Sorry I completley lost my composure.

At least I'm working towards recovery & attempting to restore my life. It's been very challenging for me over the last 20 years. I honestly do my best to remain positive thankful & grateful.
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Sad Day for renewables.

Glad our other selections are producing some good results & preforming well.

Our day program is going good.

Learning & growth is really important for my recovery.

Hopefully we end our week in the green.

Would be a great way to start the weekend.

Gratitude List


Have a nice afternoon everyone.

Hi guys.

I came to Trade 2 Win for a couple reasons.

To help make a positive difference & believe in Change.

To journal my thoughts.

To learn how to trade.

I did offer some good advice & posted up some solid results.

I do apologize for my mental break down on Tuesday.

In the past 5 to 6 years I have only lapsed on alcohol a few days.

Sorry I chose to drink and speak like a fool.

I love Obama and Biden. I just lost my composure & positive mindset.

It's really not a big deal.

At least it's not a big deal to me.

No one even posts in this thread.

How am I to even know if anyone is actually reading any of this? I'm not sure why it would be a big deal to anyone else?

I'm entitled to have my own opinions. I apologized bc I was extremely drunk when I posted all that music. I do feel I was way out of bounds when I made those poor posts.

I did attempt to put my heart & soul into my playlist but was impaired by like 2 pints of vodka.

I would just delete all those songs & pictures if I could but it won't let me.

It's not like the world came to an end or would come to an end if something happens to me.

For close to 10 years I've been posting positive quotes advice music & pictures for all of us to enjoy. I really tried hard to generate everyone lots of love happiness & joy. I hear voices which obsess over politics celebrities money stocks and sex.

It's absolutely disgusting to be so obsessed over all of those things. I get a lot more enjoyment & happiness from loving friends family peace & gratitude lists.

All I was attempting to do was embrace some good cool positive changes into my life & share what I've learned with anyone who would like to listen.

You know I gave Barack Obama the nickname Boss Elite. I did happen to vote for him both terms he ran for presidency. He did do many great things for us & this country.

Hearing voices drives me crazy sometimes. I always do my best tho to stay safe sane calm & stable. What can I do about it now? I chose to self medicate through a negative coping skill & consumed alcohol instead of calling a crisis line friend or family member.

I may have a really nice looking face but don't want to be a politician entertainer or celebrity.

Maybe if I studied acting or politics I would have pursued those things. I studied design & engineering. If I grew up in Washington or Los Angeles maybe I would of had a dream to be a politician or Actor. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit & had planned on a career in the automotive industry.

Detroit is the motor city & I love it here. I don't believe i would ever fit in with the Washington or Hollywood crew. I have much love for them. My passion however is for design and engineering here in Michigan.

Maybe one day I'll be able to go back to work as a design engineer. Enjoy a family life with an awesome girlfriend. That would be really nice.

Anyway sorry I made a poor choice to drink this past week. At least I was able to vent out all my frustration. Really stinks I embarrassed & made an ass out of myself. I still love our former president & first lady. They are great people. I thought they would be happy with me & appreciate my effort to believe in change.

I'm not perfect & have problems of my own. I have been going to a mental health center for help tho & doing my best to learn grow & improve.

Anyway sorry if I upset or offended anyone. When I drink I lose my ability to be my best. I'll just try to make the most out of my mistake & learn from it. An opportunity to learn & grow. I honestly have no idea who all reads my threads. Recently I've been posting as a mental health journal & unsure who is following my posts.

I still love & appreciate life music politics currency stocks celebrities and artists. I really don't obsess over them. I'm just passionate to promote peace & love people & the planet.

My apologies for being misunderstood.

Teach your children well.

Alcohol can be a poison & ruin a positive persons mind & life.

Really Glad I could speak again clear my mind.

I am far from perfect.

Maybe rehabilitation could be an option for me moving forward?
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