A New Day

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Welcome Back Everyone!

I missed you guys.

Just checked the market for the first time in months.

Pleasantly surprised to say the least.

We are looking pretty decent.

Thank Goodness!

We still need to be very careful about COVID, but stocks aren't doing all that bad.

What a relief!

To start, I'm going to play 25.


Ok I'm going to watch a couple stocks instead of play them.


I'll try to make sure to follow them closely.

I'm also adding Netflix, Blizzard & Intel.

Tomorrow will be a fresh start to the new day.

I'm excited to be back!

Best of Luck 2 everyone.

Stay Home & Stay Safe.

The future looks bright.

Still want to be very cautious about the virus, but it doesn't mean we can't trade.

This is Awesome news!!

Hope everyone has a great day today. It feels really good to be back. We can stay safe & trade.

Ready for a great day tomorrow!
Good Morning Everyone.

Ready 4 a good week.

Friday was a nice way to start the thread.

Day 1

Big Gainers from Friday:

SEDG +4.89%
NVDA +4.58%
ENPH +4.28%
BLDP +3.90%
ATVI +2.51%
TSLA +2.34%
INTC +1.99%
AMZN +1.72%

Wish everyone a great day & awesome week.

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Be Well.
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Good Morning.

Day 2 = Success

A New Day Total =

Pretty great way to start the thread.

Big Gainers

+8.43% BLDP
+7.56% TSLA
+6.20% SEDG
+2.56% ENPH

We did good.

Let's have another solid day.

Stay Home & Stay Safe.

See you all tomorrow morning.
Good Morning,

Day 3 = Small Gain

A New Day
Total = +2.77%

Big Gains

REGI +6.07%
SHW +2.52%
HD +2.19%
LOW +2.06

Hope everyone stays safe & stays careful. It feels a bit strange to open things up before we have the virus totally under control.

Where I'm at I believe the plan is to wait an additional 2 weeks to ensure our safety. Hope everyone stays mindful of the virus, practices the social distancing & wears a mask. It seems too early to open non essential business in my opinion. You are risking your life every time you leave your home.

I understand people want to get back to normal. Going out for drinks at the bar or meals at a restaurant seems really irresponsible in my opinion. We should wait till we don't have to wear a mask before we go out for drinks or eats. That seems so strange to wear a mask at the bar or restaurant. We should wait till we are all safe enough to not wear a mask first.

Anyways, sorry to ramble. Really hope people Stay Careful & Stay Safe.

Hope today we can all have a great day.

Take good care of yourselves.
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Yes, COVID-19 can play a vital role in trading market but the market is still going well and people are interested to invest more.
Hey there Henow,

I agree 100%. People are very interested in trading now. It's really nice to have the market going well. Thanks for your post.
Hey Folks

Day 4 = Small Loss

A New Day
Total +2.45%

Big Day for Nike

I heard someone say they were cautiously optimistic about our future & in moving forward. I like that view point & agree with her.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Until tomorrow,

Stay Safe & Stay Careful.
Hey Guys & Gals.

Day 5 = Another Small Down

A New Day
Total = +2.04%

Great Day for plug & ballard power. Good day for Renewable Energy & Intel as well.

PLUG +19.90%
BLDP +4.14%
REGI +1.83%
INTC +1.68%

The pre market numbers look good for today.

Everyone have a great day & a nice weekend.
Good Morning Everyone.

I just watched an advertisement for eBay & felt quite guilty for not including them in our selections. I'm all for small businesses & actually had an eBay store of my own. I find it a bit difficult to limit our selections with so many great companies & businesses to invest in.

Anyhow, I'll be including eBay in our selections from now on. I really believe in what they stand for. Helping small businesses & providing opportunities for everyone to become successful.

There is no exact science to investing, I just try my best to get it right. I feel like I should apologize for not including ebay & the small businesses in my selections. I really appreciate eBay & what they stand for. Helping everyone who wants to start a business & become successful is a beautiful thing.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Stay Safe & Stay Careful.
Good Morning

Day 6 = Great Success

A New Day
Total = +3.98%

Big Gainers
+7.69% REGI
+5.71% ENPH
+4.13% SEDG
+3.49% MA
+3.08% V
+2.85% AAPL
+2.46% TSLA
+2.39% HD
+2.34% MSFT
+2.18% INTC

Friday's figures were quite nice.

Hope everyone has a good day & great week.
Day 7 = A Success

A New Day
Total = +5.09%

Big Gainers
PLUG +8.20%
TSLA +7.26%
BLDP +3.47%
XEL +2.59%
ATVI +1.87%
REGI +1.77%
SEDG +1.76%
AMZN +1.65%
NKE +1.54%

It seems like things are slowly getting back to normal. Which is a really good thing. We still need to proceed with caution. Gradually we are all overcoming the virus.

Thank Goodness we will be able to get back to normal. Really looking forward to being able to live a normal life again.

For the mean time, hope everyone stays safe & careful.
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Hey Everyone.

Day 8 = A Small Gain

A New Day
Total = +5.27%

Big Gainers

AAPL +3.16%
NVDA +2.74%
AMZN +3.04%
GLPG +1.51%
NFLX +3.47%
ATVI +1.80%
EBAY +2.11%

Looks like another good day to trade.

Let's keep those graphs green.

Stay Safe & Stay Careful.
Hey guys.

Day 9 = Decent Gain

A New Day
Total +7.19%

Big Gainers
+17.39% BLDP
+11.09% PLUG
+8.97% TSLA
+3.71% MSFT
+3.55% NVDA
+2.57% AAPL
+2.43% ADBE
+2.53% ATVI
+1.79% AMZN
+1.32% INTC

Huge day for Ballard, Plug & Tesla.

Looks like a down day today.

Hope we can all stay positive through these tuff times.

I suppose life is what you make of it. We are up 7 percent in less than 2 weeks. That is something to be quite thankful for!

Everyone have a great day today.
Good Morning

Day 10 = Huge Down

A New Day
Total +1.04%

Well even though we had the huge down we are still up a percent. The glass being half full, we can rebound today for a nice gain.

Hope everyone stays in good spirits.
Day 11 = Small Up

A New Day
Total +2.28%

Big Day for Ballard, Plug, Adobe & Solar Edge. Visa, Master Card & Enphase had decent gains as well.

The numbers look down for today. Its a bit frustrating when the graphs go red.

It's hard to stay positive when stocks go down. Sometimes it creates a great opportunity to buy low. Buy low & Sell high, a lot easier said then done I suppose.

Think I'm going to add Kroger to the group. Appreciate them for helping people make it through the pandemic. All the little underappreciated jobs that are often overlooked. Just want to take the time to say thank you.

Thanks for everyone who works to keep people healthy & safe.

Let's all have a great week.

Stay Safe. Stay Careful.
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Day 12 = Green Graphs

A New Day
Total +3.85%

Nice & Good day.

Happy we are heading in the right direction.

Everyone have a great Tuesday.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.
Monday - Day 12
Big Gainers

TSLA +5.95%
SEDG +4.33%
ENPH +3.74%
PLUG +2.96%
REGI +1.88%
SHW +4.09%
BLDP +3.66%
ATVI +2.11%
GLPG +2.27%
NFLX +1.78%

Renewable Energy is such an awesome way to invest in my opinion. Very Cool. It brings me great joy for the great success.

Keep up the good work!
Hey guys.

Day 13 = Nice Gain

A New Day
Total = +5.58%

Big Gainers

AAPL +2.65%
MSFT +2.45%
ADBE +2.57%
SEDG +3.31%
MA +2.46%
HD +3.56%
LOW +3.14%
BLDP +2.38%
ENPH +4.58%
PLUG +4.61%
DLTR +2.27%
NFLX +2.50%

Pretty good day on the market.

Wish everyone well.

Stay Safe. Be Careful.
Day 14 = Small Down

A New Day
Total = +4.74%

Big Gainers
NVDA +1.85%
GLPG +1.94%
LOW +2.97%
NFLX +2.67%
ATVI +3.47%

Awful Day for Enphase.

Really a shame when renewable energy goes down. Certainly wish them all the best. Hope they can rebound.

That's about it for me.

Everyone have a good day.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.
Hey there

Day 15 = Small Success

A New Day
Total = +5.62%

Enphase bounces back with a gain of 17.11%. Very nice that they recovered some.

Big Gainers

+17.11% - Enphase
+3.94% - Solar Edge
+2.82% - Renewable Energy
+2.56% - Ballard Power
+1.89% - Plug Power
+1.80% - Dollar Tree
+1.69% - Adobe
+1.23% - Tesla

Pretty good day for us.

Hope we can have another decent day.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Take Care