A New Day


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Day 12 = Green Graphs

A New Day
Total +3.85%

Nice & Good day.

Happy we are heading in the right direction.

Everyone have a great Tuesday.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.


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Monday - Day 12
Big Gainers

TSLA +5.95%
SEDG +4.33%
ENPH +3.74%
PLUG +2.96%
REGI +1.88%
SHW +4.09%
BLDP +3.66%
ATVI +2.11%
GLPG +2.27%
NFLX +1.78%

Renewable Energy is such an awesome way to invest in my opinion. Very Cool. It brings me great joy for the great success.

Keep up the good work!


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Hey guys.

Day 13 = Nice Gain

A New Day
Total = +5.58%

Big Gainers

AAPL +2.65%
MSFT +2.45%
ADBE +2.57%
SEDG +3.31%
MA +2.46%
HD +3.56%
LOW +3.14%
BLDP +2.38%
ENPH +4.58%
PLUG +4.61%
DLTR +2.27%
NFLX +2.50%

Pretty good day on the market.

Wish everyone well.

Stay Safe. Be Careful.


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Day 14 = Small Down

A New Day
Total = +4.74%

Big Gainers
NVDA +1.85%
GLPG +1.94%
LOW +2.97%
NFLX +2.67%
ATVI +3.47%

Awful Day for Enphase.

Really a shame when renewable energy goes down. Certainly wish them all the best. Hope they can rebound.

That's about it for me.

Everyone have a good day.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.


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Hey there

Day 15 = Small Success

A New Day
Total = +5.62%

Enphase bounces back with a gain of 17.11%. Very nice that they recovered some.

Big Gainers

+17.11% - Enphase
+3.94% - Solar Edge
+2.82% - Renewable Energy
+2.56% - Ballard Power
+1.89% - Plug Power
+1.80% - Dollar Tree
+1.69% - Adobe
+1.23% - Tesla

Pretty good day for us.

Hope we can have another decent day.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Take Care


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Hey guys & gals.

I would like to thank all the father's & wish everyone a happy father's day. My bad for being a day late. I planned on posting yesterday. Anyways, hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Day 16 = Small Loss

A New Day
Total = +5.47%

Big Gainers

GLPG +2.65%
ENPH +2.19%
ADBE +1.80%
SEDG +1.72%
PLUG +1.67%
KR +1.35%

It's feels really nice to post something positive. Finding productive ways to spend the day is great. Gives me a sense of self worth. Good for my self esteem & well being. Also it's nice to have something to look forward to.

I've been struggling a bit with my stability lately. I'm sure I can overcome my anxiety & depression. Finding positive ways to spend the day really helps.

I really wish everyone to be happy & healthy.

Stay Safe & Be Careful


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Day 17 = A Nice Success

A New Day
Total +6.73%

Great Day for us!

Big Gainers

NKE +3.89%
NFLX +3.16%
NVDA +2.87%
MSFT +2.78%
MA +2.68%
AAPL +2.62%
ADBE +2.48%
GLPG +2.40%
BLDP +2.08%
EBAY +1.80%
XEL +1.78%
PLUG +1.68%
AMZN +1.45%
V +1.44%
GOOG +1.41%


Quite a few stocks did awesome!

Today looks like a great day to trade as well.

Everyone have a good day.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.


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Hey Now.

Day 18 = Another Good Day

A New Day
Total +7.85%

Nice Gain for PLUG power!

Big Gainers

PLUG +15.44%
BLDP +3.17%
NKE +2.42%
AAPL +2.14%
REGI +1.89%
AMZN +1.86%
V +1.54%
EBAY +1.30%


Another Nice Day.

We can all stay safe & contribute to improving the world together. It's a great way to unite with one another. It really feels like a win - win. Return an invest while improving our planet at the same time.

How cool is that!

Until tomorrow, everyone have a great day.

Stay Safe. Be Careful.


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Hey Everyone.

I felt like sharing some of my thoughts about our future today. I try to approach life like a student. Constantly work towards improving & learning from others. We all make mistakes. I believe it's most important to learn from them. So we can all grow & become better people. So we can all help to improve life here on planet earth.

A few decades ago we didn't have access to clean & renewable energy like we do now. We can all embrace new clean, renewable & reliable energy methods.

In America, we celebrate the 4th of July as our Independence Day. Wouldn't it be nice if we made an attempt to free ourselves from our dependency of foreign oil. It won't & doesn't have to happen overnight. It's something we could work towards. Slowly but surely make an effort towards finding new methods to power our vehicles & homes.

Solar & Wind power are just two methods. In my opinion, there will be a huge transfer of wealth associated with clean energy. We can focus ourselves on new clean & reliable ways to propel automobiles & power homes.

Most people pay to rent their energy. What if instead of paying a bill you could receive a check from the electric company?

The truth is you can own your power. If your system creates an abundance of energy you can roll your meter back. You can be paid and receive a check in the mail. Instead of a bill to pay you can receive a check to cash. Sounds pretty darn cool to me.

New clean energy methods are awesome! We can get engineers excited about new battery technologies & more efficient ways to collect the power.

Solar & Wind power are just 2 ways that we can work with now. They weren't readily available a few decades ago. Now we are able to start the transition from coal & oil to something clean, renewable & reliable.

I find it very refreshing to have something new & awesome on the horizon. A beautiful way to improve the world. Slowly but surely we will get there. For investors what an awesome opportunity!

Thanks for reading my posts. I really do care about people & helping to improve things in the world.

Until tomorrow everyone take care.
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Hey guys.

Day 19 = Big Down

A New Day
Total +6.41%

PLUG did amazing.

Hope REGI can rebound.

Playing the stock market I don't believe is for the faint of heart. It will test your inner being. Challenge your sanity & stability. You have to be mentaly strong through all the peaks & valleys. A lot easier said then done.

Hope everyone can stay strong & be positive through the down days. If I let it get to me, it will bring me down. Best to keep a positive outlook & mindset. Try not to obsess over the numbers.

Wish Everyone Well.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.


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Hey there.

Day 20 = A Good Gain

A New Day
Total +6.94%

Big Gainers
DLTR +3.34
BLDP +3.08%
NVDA +2.76%
TSLA +2.62%
GLPG +2.58%
NFLX +1.76%
REGI +1.36%
MA +1.36%
V +1.34%
AAPL +1.33%
NKE +1.32%
EBAY 1.29%
MSFT +1.26%
ADBE +1.22%
SHW +1.16%

Thursday was pretty decent day.

Lots of good gains.

Hope we all have a nice Friday.

Stay Safe, Be Careful & have a great weekend everyone.


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Hey All

Please forgive me for my off topic post.

I watched an advertisement for Joe Biden & must admit I was pretty impressed.

I most definitely do not want to turn this thread into a political debate.

When I choose to vote, I attempt to vote for the candidate I trust most. What good is a highly intelligent, or remarkable speaker if you can't trust them. Some untrustworthy people are sly & slick, ready to feed you food that you want to hear. The truth doesn't matter to them. They are ready to feed you a big bowl of Malarkey for lunch.

I'm not into politics, because they make me so unstable. Come voting time, I attempt to cast my ballot for the candidate I trust the most.

Ideally you would like a well spoken, intelligent, strong, compassionate human being whose primary focus is on serving & protecting the people. Not using the power & position to exploit or profit off the people.

The affordable care act which was set into place I would like them to address. It does right a lot of wrongs but is very misleading. The cost associated with health care has only gone up??

Why name an act the opposite of the truth. Not a very cool thing to mislead the people.

People deserve a sustainable health care system. Before you make it more affordable you must make it sustainable. I believe people deserve to know the truth. The truth is, health care has never been more unaffordable.

It is a big bitter pill.

What is the most important thing about being an American? Being Alive!

The number 1 goal of health care should be to save lives! To treat patients who are sick & to save people.

If you're in it for the people, stop rising the cost of medicine & medical procedures. People are losing their lives because they can't afford the cost of health care. Help reduce the cost of insurance premiums so everyone can be insured & treated.

It's awful frustrating at times because America has some of the best success rates of treating patients. But America has some of the highest costs for treatment. If you're rich, it may not bother you a bit. If you're poor you can die because you can't afford the cost of health care & health care treatment procedures.

Anyways, I decided to post because I care about people. It really bothers me when good people lie when they could come clean & tell the truth.

I certainly hope I didn't offend or upset anyone. My only intention is to help & to contribute something positive.
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Hey Everyone.

Day 21 = Huge Down

A New Day
Total = +4.16%

I just checked the results from Friday.

At least we are up for the new day thread. I'm not so sure if trading stocks is good for my mental health.

I'm not a quitter & I'm certainly not going to give up. Hopefully we can get back to some nice stable positive progress.

My apologies to anyone my posts have upset. I was only trying to help. Everyone needs some help from time 2 time.

I have met some great people through my journey the last 10+ years. A lot of good people have lent me a hand when I needed help up. I really do appreciate them. I really do appreciate everyone here where I stay as well.

I wish everyone well here at trade2win & hope we can all be in good health.

Stay Safe & Be Careful.


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You seem to have many more positive days than negative which is good going.
To be even more impressive it would be interesting to see your trades just after they have been made.
What system do you employ ?
Good work...........


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Hey Pat!

Thanks for posting.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else reads all my crazy posts. I really enjoy trading. We have an awesome community of people here. I also enjoy posting quite a bit.

It's like self therapy to journal my point of view on things. I find it helpful to express myself through posts. Instead of bottling up my thoughts, feelings & emotions express them in a positive manner.

I can be misunderstood at times. I feel like i kinda came across wrong my last few posts. My intentions are really good. I love & care about our fellow people & planet earth.

Its been an unsettling & chaotic time for everyone with the virus. It's nice to have a positive outlet to speak freely.

I attempt to keep an open mind & love to listen to everyone. We can all learn from each other & grow together.

Well, everyone have a nice night.

Thanks again for posting.
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