Embracing the Change


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Ok so what a wild day for Wednesday.

Day 23 = decent up

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +8.50%

Big Gainers

+24.65% - ENPH
+9.13% - SEDG
+6.86% - JKS
+4.96% - SPWR
+4.84% - GOOG
+4.21% - MSFT
+3.08% - RUN
+1.92% - BEP
+1.91% - TSLA
+1.18% - FSLR
+0.94% - BLDP

What a great day for Enphase Energy up close to 25%

Solar Edge, Jinko Solar & Sun Power all had stellar days as well.

Great day for Microsoft & Google.

We could get to ten percent green today.

Thank goodness we have clean renewable energy to invest in!

Really great way to spend a day.

Investing in renewable energy is such an awesome, intelligent way to live your life.

A big Thank you to everyone who wants to help correct our climate. For those who are searching for sensible sustainable solutions to overcome climate change you are much appreciated!

We can all embrace the positive changes & be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

We have an opportunity to work through our problems instead of ignoring them. We will need to unite with people all over the globe in order to solve our problem but it is possible to correct.

Great day for investors to help Aid in our green energy conversion. We can do it.

What you believe you can achieve.

Believe we are capable of correcting our climate because we are able to change for the better.

I wish everyone true happiness & great health today.

Everyone keep believing in electric vehicles & clean energy.

It is an awesome time to invest. We have a bright future here on planet earth. Let's find ways to live happy healthy & sustainable lives.

Take Good Care


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Taste the renewable energy victory!

It tastes good...cheers my friends!

Day 24 = Remarkable Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +11.25%

Big Gainers
+10.91% - EVGO
+9.66% - BLDP
+9.27% - REGI
+8.70% - F
+8.29% - CLNE
+7.85% - PLUG
+6.94% - FSLR
+6.34% - CHPT
+6.14% - MRK
+5.53% - LAC
+4.47% - SPWR
+4.21% - BEP
+4.00% - JKS
+3.81% - ENPH
+3.78% - TSLA
+3.36% - RUN
+3.26% - CWEN
+3.24% - ORA
+2.67% - DLTR
+2.64% - SEDG
+2.50% - AAPL
+2.07% - MRNA
+2.00% - NVDA
+1.68% - NFLX
+1.59% - AMZN
+1.57% - BAC
+1.51% - JPM
+1.48% - XEL
+1.30% - NKE
+1.27% - SHW
+1.23% - CMA
+1.06% - ALL

Big Day for renewable energy.

Happy we are achieving some much needed progress with our climate change crisis.

Green Graphs 4 Green Companies.

Take Care Guys & Gals.


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Hey guys!

Just got back from the hospital.

I needed a med adjustment.

I feel great now.

My dad visited & said we were doing well on the market. I'll check the numbers later today.

Glad to be home & feeling great. = )


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Time to check the Figures for Wednesday.

Day 25 = A Down Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +10.15%

Big Gainers

+4.34% - TSLA
+4.12% - EVGO
+3.86% - MA
+3.64% - PFE
+1.56% - MRK
+1.29% - KR
+1.28% - STLA
+1.24% - XEL
+1.19% - V
+1.11% - GM
+1.08% - JNJ
+0.98% - CMA

Looks like we made some good progress while i was gone. Evgo is up like 100% in my portfolio.

Cheers for renewable energy backers. The value of EV charging stations should only increase now with the new infrastructure bill.

Ford motor company has produced some great gains up like 50% in the last few weeks. They really seem to be pushing forward some awesome electric vehicles!

Tesla continues to impress us with great gains as well.

Such an exciting time to invest in our future.

We are just beginning our climate change journey. Those backers will be rewarded greatly in the future.

Let's all stay committed to Improving our planet & supporting green Companies.

Lots of money will transfer now that we are committed to correcting our climate.

Win + Win for our people & planet.

How about a gratitude List for tonight

Green Companies - Big Returns - Good Health - Happy People - A sustainable planet earth - Hospitals - Healthcare workers - Passionate people who care for the sick - A bright future - Assisted Living facilities - Care takers who care about their patients

Feels great 2 be alive today.

Wish everyone a nice night & positive Thursday.

Take Care


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I really like some of the picks above, i am looking into renewable energy and AI mainly. I want to get small portfolios with varying risk. :)
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Good afternoon Lucky Mac!

Thanks for your post.

I feel kinda lonely at times in this thread.

Market has been rewarding the renewable energy picks recently.

I'm interested in learning more about your AI selections.

Which do you recommend?


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Veterans Day 2021

I wanted to take the time to thank our heroes who fight & have fought to protect our freedoms here in America & in the world.

We live in a chaotic world & need true heroes to stand up & protect us from those who hurt & harm others.

Here in America we have a constitution & bill of rights to protect society to keep us all safe.

I do believe the folks who serve & have served our world to bring about peace to be heroes.

I just wanted to take the time to thank the people who have risked their lives & served in the military.

True heroes who have fought & died to protect the world to keep us all safe. I wish all veterans the best today. We should recognize our veterans as heroes who have fought for freedom & to uphold the constitution & bill of rights.

You are much appreciated for your time served.

I'm sure people believe in our bill of rights because that is the foundation of being American.

Thank you for keeping us all safe.

My mission to help end conflicts in the middle east is a small contribution to raise awareness & prevent future war.

We need heroes in our military to stand up & protect our freedoms our constitution & our bill of rights.

True heroes who have risked their lives to keep societies safe, a huge thank you to our veterans today you are much appreciated.

Take Great Care

1 planet to protect
1 love for all people

Please believe in a peaceful planet.


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Thursday November 11

Day 26 = Great Success!

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.77%

Big Gainers

+24.79% - EVGO
+11.00% - JKS
+8.21% - ENPH
+8.11% - PLUG
+7.71% - RUN
+5.47% - BLDP
+4.73% - CHPT
+4.35% - SEDG
+4.30% - GM
+3.91% - LAC
+3.55% - ORA
+3.16% - NVDA
+2.56% - SPWR
+2.37% - PFE
+2.35% - FSLR
+1.76% - DLTR
+1.65% - NFLX
+1.35% - CWEN
+1.32% - COST
+1.26% - ATVI
+0.98% - F


What a day for EVGO.

Jinko solar comes home in 2nd place at 11%

Great day for our renewables.

Really happy for us today.

It's time for dinner, so I gotta go.

Let's all feel proud of ourselves today.

Keep up the good work.

Green Graphs for Green Companies.

Take Good Care Guys


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Good Sunday Morning Folks!

Congratulations to Michigan for a nice win over penn state.

I'm about to check the numbers for this past Friday.

Day 27 = Small Up

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.96%

Big Gainers

+4.44% - CHPT
+3.81% - NFLX
+3.24% - ATVI
+2.59% - MA
+2.56% - GM
+2.38% - MRNA
+2.24% - ADBE
+1.97% - GOOG
+1.90% - BLDP
+1.72% - LOW
+1.66% - SHW
+1.52% - AMZN
+1.43% - AAPL
+1.36% - HD
+1.29% - MSFT
+1.27% - NKE
+1.20% - JNJ
+1.16% - SEDG
+1.00% - DCRN
+0.98% - JKS
+0.97% - COST
+0.93% - RUN

Pretty Decent day for us.

Charge point takes home first spot.

DCRN came through with its 1st big Gainer position. Quite happy for them.

Looks like General Motors posted another good gain as well.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

How about a gratitude List for today.

Believing in ourselves - Hope - Finding positive ways to spend a day - Thanksgiving Turkey Drawings - Bringing Families together - Embracing happiness into your life - Finding reasons to smile

Wish everyone a great Sunday.

Let's keep investing in a sustainable future.

Keep this clean energy movement alive.

Take Care


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Good Tuesday Morning!

Day 28 brought us a down day.

Embracing the Change Thread
Total +12.11%

Big Gainers

+14.28% - DLTR
+1.87% - XEL
+1.85% - F
+1.68% - MRNA
+1.67% - AZN
+1.67% - DCRN
+1.63% - SEDG
+1.34% - CWEN
+1.25% - FSLR
+1.11% - DTE
+1.06% - ATVI
+0.92% - CMA

Bad day for most stocks on Monday.

It's ok tho.

We have been producing some nice solid results as of late.

Sure hope evgo can rebound today as they were down like 14%

DCRN makes another big gainer list.

Gratitude List for Tuesday the 16th

Happiness - Health - Being Safe - Feeling Secure - Appreciating the little things in life - Having food to eat - Clean Water to drink - A roof over your head - A place to call home

It's almost Thanksgiving now & we have plenty of things to be thankful for.

We had 2 interesting groups yesterday for our addictive behavior class & our AA class.

Confidence was our main topic which was a good 1 to cover.

1. Do Your Best
2. If you dont know something speak up, have a voice & dont be afraid to ask for help.
3. Dont be results orientated, try to enjoy the outcome win or lose.

To me, when you give 100% effort, play to the best of your ability and try your hardest it's really a win for everyone.

Our other topic for AA wasn't as pleasant but I was able to learn quite a bit from it as well.

Women Suffer Too

The story was about a lady who was using alcohol to cope throughout her entire life.

She had traveled to London & back to America where her drinking followed her everywhere she went.

The turning point of her life came when she was going to go out for drinks but decided to glance at her big AA book. She found the line you dont have to live in anger. Find freedom in replacing your anger with happiness. She was able to free herself from anger & then open up her world to a new life full of joy & happiness.

She made a full recovery & was able to replace her drinking with helping others. She regained complete control of her life & was truly happy to be sober. She found a new love in life to help support other alcoholics struggling with their addictions.

To me it was a very inspiring, motivating read which filled me full of hope & belief. You dont have to live with anger in your life. It is a choice just like choosing to be happy or joyful.

Of course we all will become frustrated & angry at times, but you dont have to let it consume you.

You can find freedom from anger & maybe a new found love in life helping others & bringing about peace & happiness into the world.

Sorry to ramble a bit.

Really Good Groups here yesterday. I'm glad I attended them & gave myself a chance to learn & grow.

Take Good Care

Market is about to open for the day.

Everyone have a great day.
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