Green Growth

Feels great to be Free tonight.

Free from Drugs.

Free from Drinking.

Free from the Hospital.

Free to spend time with Family.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Please believe in freedom & recovery.

Everyone enjoy a nice night.

Take Good Care.

Message you all in the morning.

Good Morning Fellas,

Toyota reveals hydrogen fuel cell electric hilux prototype.

Feels great to be free this morning.

Please keep hope alive for me.

Believe in recovery & freedom.

Everyone enjoy a nice morning.
Subaru An Awesome Organization.

Just read about another US tradegy. A mass shooting this time in a superbowl celebration in Kansas City. Wish we could all embrace more love into our world. Very sad when some folks take their madness & anger out on innocent human beings. Just a senseless act to kill another fellow human being. Ending someones life, for whatever the reason other than self defense, is really wrong. Wish everyone happiness & good health this morning. Lets all attempt to replace hate & embrace love into this world.
Pre Market numbers come out in a few minutes. Hopefully we will all enjoy another positive day together. Seems like everyone should be fine here at my new home. Im just doing my best to go with the flow. Happy to be free. Minding my own business & looking forward to another good day on planet earth. Great to be able to post again. Hospitals are a good place to stabilize yourself, but there are recovery centers in society to rebuild & rehabilitate your life. Looking forward to making the most out of my opportunity to rebuild my life in treatment if accepted into a rehabilitation center.

Everyone enjoy a nice day.

Go Go Go Green Growth
Hopefully everyone will remain safe today.

Over the past 20 years i honestly did my best to keep everyone safe in society.

I wasnt sure what to do or what to say.

When i heard angry voices reccomending suicide i found my way into a mental health hospital to protect society from suicide & homocide.

Really did my best to keep the peace.

Hope we can all remain safe & enjoy another nice day here on planet earth.
Hi Folks.

Just food for thought.

Life is a gift.

You only have one life to live.

Might as well be happy & enjoy life while you're alive.

Happiness is a choice.

If you become angry, you can always reframe your thoughts into a positive state of mind.

Practice mind over mood.

Try to search for the good in life & in people.

Focusing your mind on nothing other than doom & gloom will most likely make you mad & miserable.

Instead of being angry about what you dont have in life or what is out of your control, you can appreciate all the good things you do have while focusing on what is in your control.

Making gratitude lists work wonders for me.

Would like to achieve more in life, so i can be more content.

Planning on setting some good short & long term goals for the new year.

What you believe you can achieve.

Believe in accomplishing more success, which should lead to a happier & healthier life.

A happier & healthier life for everyone in 2024 is the goal.

We are making great progress investing in our future.

Please continue to invest wisely & support a clean, green & sustainable planet earth.

Please believe & support a peaceful planet earth as well.

Wish we could all accept each other for our differences & unite the world together to address our climate change & world wide hunger crisis.

Very sad to have nations at war when we could be focused on saving people from starvation & planet earth from climate change.
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Hi folks.

Hopefully everyone is having a good day.

Most of our selections are down, but we should still be in good spirits. We have a lot to be thankful & grateful for today.

Stocks have been soaring for months now & that is something to be really proud about.

Thanks for all who believe in green growth & invest into our stock markets.

We can all come together to generate a big positive change which molds the future of our world.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

Take Good Care

Hi All.

Less than half an hour left on the market before the weekend begins. Wild day for me personally. My new home dosen't provide food & iv'e been working all day to gain access to my funds so i can eat this weekend.

Hopefully we can close out the week on the positive side. Hope i will be able to access my account so i can have food to eat.
Hi guys & gals.

After much worry & stress about my food for this weekend, my mom helps me out in my time of need. Everything is in place for me to access my account on Monday, but i was really in a bind for this weekend.

Thank Goodness for all the moms in the world.

You are much appreciated.

Everyone have a nice night & enjoy the weekend.

If your a mama or a papa know that your children love you.
Happy to be free from the hospital today.

Was able to take a ride & do some shopping.

May not sound like much but after 7 months of hospitals getting out to do some shopping is pretty cool.

My new staff Elaine & i are getting along well.

We went to Captain Jays in Oak Park for a fish fry for lunch.

Life is much improved on the outside of a hospital.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy a nice dinner & chill Saturday night tonight.

Ive been playing a lot of euchre & chess at night.

Keeping me up all night since ive been home.

Looking forward to some quality sleep tonight.

Have a nice night everyone.

Be happy & enjoy your freedom while you are free.

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Hi Folks.

Taking it easy tonight here at my new home.

Just got back from a ride up to the store.

We are all planning a video chat on zoom together tomorrow as a family.

Last time we all got together was on Christmas a few years ago to make gingerbread houses.

Should be a nice way to spend a day.

Awesome to be able to enjoy my freedom once again.

Easy to take things for granted sometimes.

Might be able to get some new clothes at the clothing closet next week.

Looking forward to volunteering again at the food bank as well.

Really nice to live life free again.

Everyone enjoy a nice Saturday night.

Message you all tomorrow.


Happy Presidents Day

Hi Folks.

We were able to zoom together as a family yesterday afternoon. Maybe only 20 to 30 minutes, but some of the happiest 20 to 30 minutes ive enjoyed since July 4th.

My little nieces & nephew arent so little anymore. Really nice to be a part of their lives & watch them grow up. My only nephew is such a little gentleman already. All my nieces are good children. Very proud to be their uncle.

Awesome how technology keeps advancing, brings us together & unites us as people.

Everyone enjoy the holiday & have a nice night.

Message you all tomorrow.

Good day to be free.

Yesterday we had a big feast full of tasty bbq food.

Tonight we are enjoying steak n rice bowls.

Feels so great to be free again.

I try to always be thankful & grateful for everything good we have in life.

I appreciated the hospital food while in the hospital. It was decent nutritious food to eat.

There is so much more life to love on the outside of a hospital.

Take Good Care Everyone.

Tomorrow should be a good day as well.

Hi Folks.

About to check the numbers for today.

If you are interested in my recovery progress all is well. Ive been sober now for over 7 months. Instead of waiting for a treatment center to open up i plan to view this new home as an opportunity to rebuild & rehabilitate myself. Maybe a start to a brand new life.

Have a nice evening everyone.

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Good Morning All.

Feels like a good day.

Weather here will be nice & warm today. Hopefully we will be able to go for a walk & enjoy the nice day outside. Still waiting for my food allowance to come in so i can eat. Very thankful to be here & hospital free. Making the most out of everything i do have. My recovery from alcohol is going very well. I have no urge or craving to drink. Happy to be healthy & free from drinking. Its been a week now since i was released from the hospital.

Please believe in my recovery. I have lived my life free from the hospital for over a year while i was at Courtyard. Im capable of living with my freedom & enjoying life outside of a hospital for a long time to come. Rehabilitation at Meridian was really beneficial. Staying sober for the rest of my life is a nice achievable goal.

All is well.

Wish everyone a great day trading.

Green Graphs for Green Growth.

Everyone have a nice day.

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