Green Growth

Great News.

New place is awesome

Should be an amazing opportunity to rehabilitate myself.

Daily Walks
Healthy Food
Art Therapy
Meditation Room
Work Program
School Option
Nice Caring Staff
Cool Folks to Enjoy Life With

Really excited to start improving & making the most out of my treatment center here.

Thank Goodness.

A huge thank you to everyone who believes in recovery.

Have a great evening.

Take Good Care

While in the hospital i met some really cool folks who inspired me to be more creative.

Caricature drawing is a new found passion of mine.
Here is one of my art therapy instructor from the hospital.

Freedom feels amazing.

Happy to enjoy a new home tonight.

Bunkie is cool & everyone here seems nice & friendly.

Wishing Everyone Well.

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Be Free
Freedom feels amazing.

Happy to enjoy a new home tonight.
Good to see you back again Ashton, glad you're well and out of hospital
How does it work, each time you come out of hospital are you placed in a different rehabilitation home? That must come with its own headaches, never really being able to bond with the same set of people? It feels very "temporary".
wishing you the best however
Thanks for your interest & post 1nvest.

Feels really good to be back @ T2W & posting once again.

Sometimes life can be difficult, but what you work hard to achieve can be really rewarding.

I learned alot in my journey & am very happy to share my life here.

There are no perfect people in the world & its really nice to be able to share with others ways we could all improve.

Everyone have a good morning.

Hope we all enjoy a nice day.
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Hi folks.

Hopefully everyone had a decent day.

Looks like a down day overall on the market.

Most of our selections are still up for the thread.

Life is much improved here at my new home.

Feel very grateful today to be here & out of the hospital.

Omg, no more hospital food.

Meals here are all home cooked & much appreciated.

Even though i had a difficult first night, it was a nice first full day.

Staff here like to bring in their dogs to visit with us.

Nice to have some cool little companions to brighten our day.

Really glad things are cool & happy to enjoy life in a home again.

Feels like one big family & everyone has welcomed me home which is awesome.

I should settle in soon & become more comfortable around everyone.

Hopefully i will sleep a little better at night so I have more energy to get out of my room during the day.

Folks here are all really cool & have been good to me.

Glad to be here & plan to be a nice new member of the family.

I think everyone accepts me already & is happy im here.

Im really happy to be here as well.

Everyone enjoy a nice evening.
Regarding your LOVE ramblings and plastering pictures of your children and family here, there and everywhere : - I posted you previously Oct 2, 2023.

My understanding is:
  • Love needs - intelligence(wisdom) and power.
  • Intelligence(wisdom) needs - love and power
  • Power needs - intelligence(wisdom) and love
Each alone unbalanced.

EXCLUSIVE: Parents who upload photos of their young children to social media are handing their likeness over to paedophiles and sick digital pranksters... these families found out about the dark side of 'sharenting' the hard way​

Dark Web Pedophiles Using Open-Source AI to Generate CSAM​

Pro tip: Do not upload images of your children on the internet, including your social media profile, even if your friends list consists of people you know or trust

Channel 4 News host Cathy Newman says she felt 'utterly dehumanised' and 'violated' after viewing deepfake porn video of herself during a investigation into the AI tech​

Channel 4 journalist Cathy Newman has described the 'dehumanising' moment she came face to face with an explicit deepfake pornography video of herself.

The 49-year-old, who fronts the channel's evening news bulletins, was investigating videos made with artificial intelligence when she was made aware of a clip that superimposed her face onto the body of an adult film actress as she had sex.

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Ignore him Ash, there will be haters everywhere
Its your thread, you can post how you like
Ignore him Ash, there will be haters everywhere
Which of these is HATE ?
  • Parents who upload photos of their young children to social media are handing their likeness over to paedophile and sick digital pranksters - these families found out about the dark side of 'sharenting' the hard way
  • it only takes one image and AI to ruin that child's future
  • Dark Web Paedophiles Using Open-Source AI to Generate CSAM ( Child Sexual Abuse Material )
  • Channel 4 News host Cathy Newman says she felt 'utterly dehumanised' and 'violated' after viewing deepfake porn video of herself during a investigation into the AI tech
This is the face of HATE: 'Ignore him Ash, there will be haters everywhere'.
One can only conclude you are extraordinary uncomprehending or fully comprehending of the above.

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Hi Folks.

My apologies if I upset anyone with my posts.

My fellow people, planet, family, nieces & nephew are very precious to me.

Thought it might be nice to share some of my life to the world that brings me joy.

There are so many good people who enjoy sharing with each other.

Maybe folks with bad intentions might attempt to ruin a good positive message?

My thread may not be perfect, but i do my best to spread love here & everywhere i go.

If any of my posts offend you, i sincerely apologize.

Some folks enjoy my posts & i enjoy posting a positive message for them to read.

My intentions have been to spread love, happiness & joy to the world.

I believe in hard work, education, love, family & freedom.

Unconditional Love




Saving people.

Saving homes.

Saving planet earth.

Preventing war.

Climate action to reduce natural disasters & reduce global warming. The less C02 we emit into the atmosphere the less natural disasters there will be. The less natural disasters there are the more homes & lives we can save.

Protecting our earths environments can really help save many animals lives & homes in the wild. There are tipping points which when reached can completly ruin an areas ecosystem.

The climate change we are experiencing has been man made yet many animals are effected & are relying on us to protect them.

Our Earth is warming up too fast & it is urgent that we unite, act together & commit to correct our climate. Its not too late, we can still avoid a potential catastrophe & protect our planet.

Clean & green sustainable energy like sun, wind, electric & hydrogen technologies are available today.

Health care reform can protect people in hospitals & allow everyone an equal chance to be treated, healed & recover fully.

Adivce i offer has been acquired through my journey from others when they shared with me.

My advice is only intended to help others improve their lives.

My advice will never be perfect.

Maybe my posts arent for you?

I value your insight & appreciate your perspective.

If any of my posts have offended you i do apologize.

I have much love for my family & enjoy sharing my life with everyone here.

Children bring out the best in everyone.

My little ones bring me so much joy.

I love them like my own kids.

Enjoy showing a few images to help brighten our day.

lets bring back some much needed love into our lives.

Anyways, Im free to post again.

Should be back home in a few hours.
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Really rushed to write that last post.

Hopefully i will be able to take some time tonight & post something a little more well spoken.

Anyways, everyone enjoy a nice afternoon.

This morning i was able to watch the news for a few minutes.

Please believe in Freedom & Peace for those in & affected by war.

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Be Free
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Good evening guys & gals.

Was a good earth day today.

Glad to be set free so i could actually enjoy planet earth again.

Fresh air & sunshine feel great & bring me joy.

Thank Goodness i am free.

Hopefully we can unite together to support our green energy stocks.

Ive been away for so long.

At least im free today.

Hope to be able to advocate for protecting planet earth from climate change now that im able to post.

Together we can all make a big difference.

Lets choose to embrace renewable energy & support our automakers.

Everyone enjoy a nice evening.

Tomorrow is a brand new day & opportunity to support a sustainable planet earth.

Take Good Care

Good Morning Everyone.

Hope we all have a nice day.

Would be great if green stocks were able to produce some green graphs again.

Wishing us all happiness & good health.

Please keep hope alive & believe in recovery for me.

I appreciate everyone here & am thankful for my new home.

Please be patient with me.

I should be able to make a full recovery one day at a time.

Please take good care.