Competition Rules "violation"


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There appears to be a couple of entries that we cant allow (at the moment).

Graham, we cant have 2 Shorts or 2 Longs- 1 of each only ( not made clear).

Shelman, nice try , but it's Monday to Friday, no swaps mid stream ( No Cobbes here pls, but it is the way to make big dosh!)

We want to keep this simple for the moment. Hope I haven't offended anyone!
martin, hi

is there a rule tread anywhere, and can we guys enter? the t2w group?

Yes ops can enter. rules near the top.......

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Only just read this Chartman, my knuckles are well and truly rapped.
Don't worry about offending me, my skin is as thick as a scouse bin lid.
Don't ask...the scallies know what i mean.
FAO Shelman

he he he you ain 't been picking the "wee the beds" have yer.