Competition Rules


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OK were gonna get this organised.It wants to be good so lets give it some thought.Here's mine.
1: Keep it simple.
2: name your stock, different ppl can chose same stock.
3:All selections in by 10pm Sunday.
4:close any time in the week to retain max profit- YOUR call.
5: long or short allowed.
6: competition to run from Monday open to Friday close of business 4:30
7: UK stocks only for now.

Any suggestions will be edited into this post and a final set of rules will be anounced oon a new thread.

My only suggestion is that the competition thread includes the start date in the thread title - that way everyone will know which one to enter their trades on.

I like the rules - especially being able to sell mid-week to preserve profits!
The above suits me fine, but whether shorting will be fair on some of the less experienced, I am unsure. What do others think?
I'm often around during the day and can therefore close easily, but it may take a lot of hard work to obtain exact prices, and there are others who cannot get during market hours,

May I suggest that anyone can close during the week but that the value is that day's closing price (presumably mid).

Closing Out

I too can close out anytime, but would concur with Joe, to be fair to all who unable to watch intra day.

Two comps running side by side - one short, one long suits me fine.
Thanks Martin the Chartman..

One more step forward..and the rules sound sensible and fair...I also can close my position any time of the day but agree with what John and Joe say with this regard...end of day mid prices closable any day of the week will be fair I for short and long positions I don't think they should be separate..doing it together might be more let's keep the excitement going..


I'm one of those less experienced with regards to shorting but I don't mind either way - separate or together. I'll beat any shorter with my long anyway!

OK it's coming on nicely.
We'll use mid for open on Monday's and mid for close on Fridays.
If you close , it will be mid at the end of the day- You must post by midnight on the day, and make sure your PC clock is set to the right time and date!


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