The New T2W Competition


Hi guys and gals,

Later today, we launch the fully automated T2W competition. You may have noticed already it's addition to the left menu bar.

This is really sweet. Just enter your epics, and let us do all the rest. We check the validity of the epics, fetch it's full name and price. Add your name to the dynamic competition list. We calaculate stock quantity, price, percentage changes on a daily basis etc.

And the best bit, is the ranking list is updated every day, every 15 mins (delayed) throughout the week. So at any time you can see the ranking. Plus, you can close your position whenever YOU want. Just click the close button against your listing for your stock.

Then by 5:00 Friday close we'll announce the winner.

And because we can keep track of past rankings, it will be possible to maintain a league table.

Keep your eyes posted for the competition link to go live.


Now that looks even more fun...well done..nice piece of work..

Thanks Riz,

Now I've just realised the first blunder. We want to purchase on Monday's opening price, not Friday's close. Opps. I'll get it fixed.

Get thie feeling this thread, might get quite long! Doh.

Good work Sharky
However i have entered Shel as my short and notice you have fridays closing price as 581 whereas i have 601
I see you've spotted my deliberate mistake.. honest! :) Looks like it's pulling Friday's opening price rather than the close. Oh well, another quick fix tonight then.

Any errors will come out in the wash so nobody panic.......
except Captain mainwaring!

I've pulled Friday's prices as there really is no need for them. Now just have to check at 8:15 to see if we got lift off.. or a major problem Huston(!)
Well after another shaky start this morning, all seems well and good. I've added a ranking top/bottom 10 table, which takes into account both your long and short positions. So overall, congratulations TraderX, and commiserations midas.