Help!.. UK/Int'l List of Epics


Does anyone knwo where I can get a list of the epics of UK companies both the UK and International Versions. I'm trying to compile a database of epics so that hopefully it will be possible for members to type in their epic, and it will then provide you with a complete list of every resource for that stock on the web.

So, for example.. Britisih Telecom is BT.A on any UK borker site, but any US or the Yahoo website for example would have it as BT.L - I wish it was possible to just add the ".L" at the end but that isn't always correct.

I already have a database of UK epics, which is used by the competition to show the name of the epic when you enter your stocks, but I need to cross-reference all these epics with the Int'l versions, so ideally I'm looking to get hold of a CSV (comma seperated value) list containing both epics for each company.

If you dont get a positive response on the BB suggest you try the LSE.

Click on help in the left hand column of the home page, then "Exchange Contacts", and at the bottom of that page a space to send email requests.

Meanwhile, hope someone comes up with the goods for you


Try,go to quotes and enter company name and select all markets, this will give you tickers for that company worldwide.

Hope this is usefull.