Competition Results: Week 1.


Here are the final top 10 rankings for overall profit from last week.

Max Damage £796.10 !!!
Hill Farmer £688.08
Gordon £593.33
martymcc £540.45
faceache £524.88
cookie £519.71
fredroff £403.68
shelman £250.20
traderx £221.41
y2k £152.50

Well done Max Damage who made a profit of £569.64 with AUTONOMY CORP and £ 226.46 with PLASMON (PLM). Special Mention also to Waldorf who made the overall top profit from one stock with E-PRIMEFINANCIAL (EPF) shorting at 10.50p and closing at 8.00p - making a £ 1,190.47 profit, though finishing the week in an open long position also in EPF left him with just a £119.03 profit.

At the other end of the table, commiserations to Tarkan who finsihed bottom with an overall loss of -£1,124.82 and Midas who has spent much of the week right at the bottom, narrowly moved up into second from last place today at -£1,039.98 profit.

Thank you everyone for taking part, and post your entries over the weekend for next week's competition on the competition page using the form provided.

Congratulations Max..... each should have cashed your profits while you were on the highest perch - albeit for a few hours!!!!!

To my Townie, Shelman.....nice to see you up there Steve.

Best wishes to all.
Thanks uncle. didn't think I'd win after deciding against closing my Plasmon long when it was £600 up and then seeing it drop £500 in 15 min:eek:
well done..

Well Done top 10 congratulations!!!
And never mind the bottom 10 there are many more weeks to prove trading skills...
My compliments to Sharky and the team for handling this so nicely though it was the first of the sort...

Well done Max. At least I'm in positive territory. Think I'll buy another sheep and get fleeced this way rather than in the current market place.
Well done, Hill.. coming a very close second. Max, Hill, Gordon and Marty I think we saw you all in first place at one time or another during the week, and particularly today it was a really close finish.

Well the same rules apply for next week, and it's just turned 12:00, so it's Saturday and the new competition starts today.. so get your entries in right away!!

difficult week

.........think anyone who made money during this week deserves several pats on the back.........very dangerous out there.

I like your setup, Sharky..................nice one.

Congrats Max! I thought I had it in the bag after Thursday but not to worry. It was great fun watching with the leaders chopping and changing practically every half an hour. Would it be a good idea to have a running leaderboard updated after each competition to see who the overall champ stock picker is? Off to research for next week's comp!


PS a big pat on the back for the team for setting this up. Your time and efforts are much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Hi Marty,

I was thinking along the same lines. First off there will be a league table that gets updated after each competition to see who is champ overall, as you suggested. I think also I'll make a vailable the ranking table at the end of each week, as I'm sure those didn't have a chance to see it on Friday, will want to have a look over the weekend.

And I was thinking of updating the front page to display the winners in all their glory, as an incentive, since we don't yet offer a £1 million prize!! :)

Any other ideas, or improvements please let me know.. and I'll do my best to incorporate them.


ps. Thanks Riz and Gordon.
well done Max

John, you and Cookie on a one 2 one?
I too should have closed my positions on Thursday but thought i'd give cookie a chance...oh well thats me...a big

Hill, we have a nice inflatable sheep at OT for the benefit of Leeds fans when they visit. I think we can arrange a reasonable price if you dont mind second hand.

[Edited by shelman on 17-02-2001 at 06:39 PM]
Steve.......I too should have closed out the short position Tuesday and the long first thing Friday, but there you go that what happens when its not real money. But after all we have to give that jumping monkey a bit of glory now and again, if only to encourage him.

He wont read this until Monday so we can take the monkey out of him unanswered til then.
Shelman,being a Lancastrian I'd agree that your inflatable sheep are best saved for Leeds fans. But thank's for the offer anyhow.
My Comp entry was by far my best effort of the week.

I made so many amateurish mistakes I managed to totally wipe out a five figure gain since JAN 8. My cavalier attitude has to change.

Not only should I have closed ICE on Thursday @ 161 my Sell Order was rejected as it was received at 4.31pm. Could have nicked another point at open Friday but was too busy dumping large Tech buys following 2 days of 60 point gains on Naz having completely ignored after hours reporting in US and before I new it ICE had dived. Am still in having bought @ 147.

There is no doubt that I have been playing with professional money having only just left trading high school with a couple of 'A' levels. In this market you need a University degree.

I am and always have been a Gambler, I remember my wife asking me for a tenner before leaving the house in the morning, I gave her a fiver as I only had £10 in my side pocket. In my back pocket was £200 - but it was Gambling money. ( Money Management John ! ) Also I remember that to win less than £200 ( Even Money ) was just bits and pieces and more gambling money. A win had to be £300, £500 or £1,000. I am now doing the same except £1,000 profit has become a minimum. The problem being that losses are at the same level.

It is in this respect that risks are increased considerably and taken beyond reason when CHASING LOSSES.

I am indebted to Uncle John for his continual Money Management bollockings, we are the complete opposite, he is right and I am wrong - hence our 'one2one' sidebet for fun.

I apologise if I have bored anyone with my negative ramblings however if I hit a nerve and can highlight the perils of high risk trading (Gambling) and avert any personal disasters then it has been worth it.

Ther is no creature more stupid than the Sheep - or is there????

Sharky, Chartman and colleagues you are 'the Donkeys knob' -well done.

Well said Cookie, you have my genuine best wishes for the future.

"Nothing so becomes a man
as modest stillness and humility"

thanks Cookie..

Thanks Cookie for being brave enough to be completely honest regarding your trading...I am sure it provides a perfect lesson for all of us...and the best step for future profits...good luck mate..I have no doubt you'll get this right from now on...