cj12's Dow Trades


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Scalping The Dow

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CJ -

most live trades currently get placed on another thread - Chartmans weekly dow thread - otherwise the chatroom tends to be used for this.



CJ asked if other live trades were ever placed : I simply said that they were and pointed out that they were placed elsewhere. Its not having a go!! Dont all throw your toys out of your prams!!! :cool:
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C'mon give the guy a chance, u don't have to read his thread if it bothers u that much...............he is not hurting anybody, is he? phewww!!!


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U get a vote big fella :) Realtime posts get respect from Keano. You could also post realtime in the chatroom if you fancied.
anyways, nice one.



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Well done cj12

I can see why you are so confident.

After 10 years of trading you must have experienced all that the market can throw at you.

Well done. I am sure you won't have to charge for your live trades as it is clear that you know enough to be making the monies!!


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The chat room used to be very active, but has, of recent times, fallen by the wayside due to lack of enthusiasm. I used be be there every day, but, sadly, work commitments means I can no longer be there. If you want to get in there and take a hold, be my guest. I'm sure you will generate an immediate following. We always used to post our trades in there and the reasons why ( sometimes) and it was great fun.

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Re: dow trading

cj12 said:
I see a lot of you use indictors trend lines moving av. and most traders wait for they magic indictors to turn up to go long, did you know pit traders know where the head and shoulders are when macd go in to positive or negative which gives the public they signals, also the market makers know what all the public traders are looking at,


plus new traders ignore the cost, example lets say you are a 1 lot trader and trading the $5 mini Dow future OK if you just place 2 trades a day and commission cost you $12 round turn that's if you luck most newbes get charged $15 to $20 to trade 1 lot, anyway you trade 2 times a day comm. $15 over 5 days commission cost would be $150, you would need 30 points profit in a week just to cove cost.


I disagree that market makers know where all the values are. They can't, take MACD for example at anyone time the same indicator take be showing both buy and sell signals.
What I do believe is that market makers know where the market orders are and take price to those levels in order to do there job i.e. fill orders :)

$15 a round trip for the Dow is massive. IB charge I think $5!

Just my thoughts :)
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