Dow Strategy - applying it to S&P and Nasdaq

If you look at the $sox,who is the tier 1 general?Intel.How do watch Intel? on a level 2 screen.

I recently called a move infront of an index trader just by watching Intel at the whole number and seeing the level 2 story unfolding and the stock breaking down.

If i was shooting for a 5 point move i think i would feel better scalping Intel for 5c,many times with no spread and without any re quotes or any sb bias

i trade the index, against stock, against option, and i wish you luck with your 5c scalps using level 2!

you will get real burned, and yep - i watch level 2, the sox, leading stocks as indicators etc etc, as well as proprietary stuff direct from the exchanges

any full time index trader you beat to the trade by using level 2 for intel - either is not a real trader or else on balance it was the wrong time to take the trade, even if that one time it worked out

and i trade this stuff full time day in day out