S&P 500, Dow, NASDAQ video analysis

ChartyV - very nice enjoyed that. My suggestion would be to throw in some fibs/gann angles and see how the reactions are.
I would like to see an analyst commit to, after the analysis , buy oil at 59.25 bucks. market order sell at 57.05 etc.. try and stay away from. well, it could go range bound or challenge old highs from here etc.. Are we buyers or sellers or standing aside with these markets..... ?
Dow to break 11000

I dunno what the dow is going to do on friday but i'll be surprised if the bull run doesn't continue. I expect the dow to break 11,000 fairly soon and i would reassess the market then. My rationale for being so bullish is: 1) the market PE is reasonable; 2) economic data has been good; 3) the Fed has indicated that it will not hike rates too far; 4) earnings are improving; 5) liquidity is good; 6) technicals are favourable and its been to 11,000 before; and 7) the market wants a Q4 rally.
Hi Loadsamoney,

From my understanding, the US housing market is still running incredibly hot. Our experience in Australia is that the housing market on the East coast which has the greatest concentration of wealth started to cool and the smart money starting rotating into our stockmarket. The market promptly took off into a major up trend and continues to make record highs.

If feel that if the US housing market is starting to cool then the smart money is rotating into their stockmarket hence the recent bullishness.